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Flowers for loved ones


11 tulips "Starfall"


30 cм

20 cм

2 000


-16 %
Bouquet of Mattiola "Snow Queen"

40 cм

30 cм

4 750 ₽
3 990


-6 %
Bouquet-mix "Royal Ball"


40 cм

30 cм

4 800 ₽
4 490


-10 %
Chrysanthemums in a box "Benefis"


25 cм

30 cм

4 300 ₽
3 860


Heart in a box "My Love"


30 cм

30 cм

8 000
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What flowers to give to whom

Flowers were, are and remain the most pleasant sign of attention. They are like "guides", help to express your feelings, desires, thoughts without a single word. You just need to seriously approach the choice of the bouquet and figure out who and what compositions to give.

The fair sex is created for beauty, happiness and joy. Therefore, there is no doubt that the assortment for them is wider and more diverse. When choosing flowers for your beloved, you can make your choice, taking into account her preferences, whether it be white lilies or field daisies. You can also convey your feelings with the help of a basket of scarlet roses or an original ensemble of orchids with various decorative elements.

If you want to present a bouquet to a colleague, then you should pay attention to the color scheme. It is undesirable to give red compositions, but white, purple, yellow flowers with the addition of greenery - a symbol of youth of irrepressible energy will be just a win-win option. Asters, chrysanthemums, gerberas or irises will come in handy in this case.

With the help of the gifts of flora, you can express a reverent and respectful attitude towards a friend or girlfriend with the help of not only traditional bouquets (roses, tulips, alstroemeria), but also surprise a loved one with an unusual art bouquet or composition in a box.

You can congratulate a young girl with a bouquet of white or pale pink, children will be delighted with a small bright composition, but older ladies are better off presenting plants of rich colors with the addition of greenery.

Is there a reason to congratulate a man on the holiday? Excellent! It is only advisable to choose bouquets collected in a "cascade" or plants of an elongated form: carnations, calla lilies, roses, gladioli.

Consultation of experienced florists, low prices, round-the-clock delivery service in Moscow and the region are the main advantages of the Flower Delivery shop. Place your order today and see for yourself!

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