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Bouquets from 3000 to 4000 rubles


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


35 cм

35 cм

3 700


Red roses "Aphrodite"


50 cм

40 cм

3 050


Spray roses "Jennifer"


50 cм

30 cм

3 700
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Buy flowers for 3000 rubles

In the price range from 3000 you will find options for spectacular and touching bouquets and compositions from a wide variety of flowers. The soloists in this choir will be tulips, gerberas, sunflowers and lilies, which dominate the category of bouquets up to 3000. These flowers conquer with their brightness. The freshness of these flowers delivered to us directly from florists is a guarantee of the delight of our bouquets. By ordering such a bouquet, you will be convinced: working without intermediaries, we have won time for you - the time for the freshness of our flowers.

The word tulips!

Tulip bouquets are hits of this category. Delicate and touching, at the same time they simply radiate vital energy, not without reason being reputed to be a symbol of novelty, beginning, beginning, start. Our tulips play in a major for you:

  • In the bouquets "Amore", "Buddha", "Magic of the senses" tulips of the same color give the impression of such intensity that this is taken into account in the emphatically laconic design.
  • Bouquets of several types of tulips are mesmerizing, making you remember the fields of these flowers in Holland. Let's reveal a secret: many of our tulips are from there.
  • Bouquets "Evening Dawn" and "Gloria" effectively combine tulips with other plants.

Flower Choir

This price category of bouquets is very diverse, there is no flower that is not represented in it. Homogeneous bouquets and daring mixes demonstrate the imagination of florists and the richness of the world of flowers from all over the planet. You can order the freshest flowers by phone +7 (495) 236 72 47 without worrying about delivery: it is round the clock and free for Moscow and the Moscow region.

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