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Bouquets from 9,000 to 10,000 rubles


White tulips "Crystal"


40 cм

60 cм

9 250
Tulips "Salute"


40 cм

35 cм

9 200


101 Roses "Real Love"


50 cм

60 cм

9 600


60 cм

60 cм

9 600

Luxurious and delicate bouquets

The price category up to 10,000 rubles represents bouquets full of charm, splendor and generosity. Their performance allows us to consider them real masterpieces of floristry. Among them there are many that can be called a love song without music and words. You can fulfill it for your loved ones by placing an order in our store.

A heart is softer than rose petals

Bouquets in the shape of a heart are a recognition, which is not more eloquent. Ensembles of 101 roses of various varieties and shades will help you say “I love” you. All these compositions are created on the basis of bioflora, and will delight you with freshness for a long time, preserving their original appearance.

A heart is softer than rose petals

Not only roses can be luxurious! Among flowers up to 10,000 rubles, you will find not only the queen of flowers and a magnificent peony - an ancient symbol of the "thousand virtues", but also a chamomile. There is nothing to be surprised at - many people call this flower among their loved ones, often these are people who are used to “measuring flowers” ​​not by the number of plants, but by space, these are travel lovers, romantics and dreamers! Our bouquets can do a lot:

  • A cloud of daisies in the bouquets "101 Dreams", "101 Daisies" will amaze you with gentle romanticism and conjure up the image of endless, sun-drenched meadows.
  • Bouquets of peonies amaze with a combination of brightness, splendor and tenderness. Their delicate scent will complement the impression - it is another paint in the palette of the bouquet, which is created to delight.
  • Bouquets of roses are always exciting classics - in this price segment they are presented in a hemispherical shape and in the form of a composition - a heart. And if the heart is intended for a single person, then hemispherical bouquets are appropriate to hand over to a relative, friend or colleague on the day of a significant event.

Having ordered a luxurious bouquet by phone +7 (495) 236 72 47, you can receive it around the clock with our free delivery service. We offer the best flowers that will be messengers of joy and love.

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