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Flowers for the funeral


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Flowers for the funeral in Moscow

So life is arranged, that newborns are greeted in this world with flowers, flowers accompany us in the most important moments of life, and it is also accepted to see people off on their last journey with flowers.

At funeral ceremonies, there are rules that relate to what kind of flowers are brought to the deceased, when they are laid, when they are removed, and so on. We are interested in the customs associated with the first rule. Awareness in this matter will help determine the choice of colors when buying.

In principle, any professional florist can advise you on this matter. Then you will have to go to a good store for flowers, and not to the market. We are also ready to tell you about some traditions. Associated with the funeral rite of our days.

Flower arrangements for funerals and memorials

  • First question - should artificial or natural flowers be brought to the cemetery? In the West, only live ones are brought, in Russia there is also a tradition to bring artificial ones. This is a very inexpensive option. On the day of remembrance, many in our country bring flowers made of paper or plastic of bright, sometimes even acidic shades. This is considered normal. But for funerals, people try to buy good funeral bouquets in memory of loved ones. We will talk about just such.
  • Second question - what kinds of flowers are considered funeral? Carnations, roses and chrysanthemums, alstroemeria are most often seen at funeral ceremonies. Perhaps this is due to the fact that their varieties allow you to pick up the buds of the desired color. Since Soviet times, carnations have been considered traditional flowers for commemorating the dead. But in principle, in funeral floristry there are no restrictions on the variety of flowers. In memory of loved ones, we can rely on their preferences - if my mother loved daisies or lilies of the valley, why not bring them exactly? In Russia, it is customary to remove flowers from the grave not earlier than the fortieth day. Therefore, the composition should be chosen as long-lasting as possible. You can buy a bouquet with a floral sponge - together or separately. Cut the sponge into a vase or plate, fill with water and stick the stems of flowers into it.
  • The third question is the number of colors. The number of buds in a bouquet in our country, according to tradition, should be even - one bud for the deceased, the other for God.
  • The fourth is the composition color. It is better to choose bouquets for funerals discreet, monochromatic, because they are presented in the hour of sorrow. Flowers for funeral women are advised to choose red or melancholic lilac-purple shades. A bouquet for a man is most often chosen in red and burgundy colors.
  • The fifth question concerns the shape of the bouquet. If the bouquet should lie beautifully on the ground, then it is better to choose a flat, tiered, oval. Heart-shaped compositions are popular. If you plan to place the bouquet in a vase or sponge, it is important that it is stable.
  • The sixth question concerns accessories for mourning bouquets. Most often these are ribbons - black, burgundy, brown. No need to tie them with a bow, a knot or a loop is better, you can wrap the stems with ribbon so that you get a smooth leg.

What flowers are usually brought to the funeral?

Paying tribute to memory is a matter that most of all concerns personal choice. But there are some recommendations of florists on the choice of bouquets.

  • Friends - white chrysanthemums (this is the flower of friendship).
  • Teachers, mentors, leaders, military - red carnations (symbolizing respect, reverence, admiration for merit).
  • To those who died in tragic circumstances - burgundy roses (in this case, a symbol of the bitterness of loss);
  • You can bring your favorite flowers to a very close relative (there is no limit).
  • Husband or father - a scarlet bouquet.
  • For young women - pink lilies or calla lilies, other flowers of a similar color are possible.
  • Elderly women - yellow or lilac buds.
  • To the priest, spiritual mentor - violets or lilies.
  • For a man, young or in years - carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gladioli, daffodils, roses.
  • For a baby - half-open flowers of delicate shades.
  • White flowers for schoolchildren.

Where can I buy flowers for the funeral?

Flowers for the funeral ceremony can be bought in the salon, at the kiosk or at the cemetery. Usually there are specialized pavilions nearby. It is most convenient to order with delivery. You can contact our online store in Moscow. We are ready to help you!

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