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Bouquets from 2000 to 3000 rubles


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Pink hydrangea "Baffina"


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A small bouquet of "Goldilocks"


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Grace and variety of colors for 2000 rubles

Price category from 2000 - one of the most diverse among our proposals. Fresh flowers and fresh ideas of our florists are organically combined in inexpensive bouquets, allowing you to create unique masterpieces that can be easily ordered from us for a variety of occasions. Among them are both classics and incredible novelties that will pleasantly surprise the happy addressees of such gifts that will be delivered to them for free.

Roses begin and ...

By combining roses with other flowers, we achieve completely unexpected effects. Along with mono-bouquets, our flower mixes allow you to effectively emphasize the beauty and nobility of the queen of flowers in a suite of chrysanthemums, irises, carnations, gerberas, lilies, freesias and other plants. Queens in such suites of bouquets for 2000 feel great!

A cake of flowers - at the head of the table!

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An amazing design find that we can offer to buyers of flowers for 2000 - festive compositions that can be used to decorate the table during an anniversary banquet or other festive celebration. Judge for yourself:

  • Often, a large bouquet in a vase in the middle of the table interferes with communication, covering the faces of the visitor. Our floral decorations will not allow this, they will be in the center, but they will not overshadow you.
  • Even the most skillfully served table can lose its original beauty during the holiday. Flower arrangements in the form of cakes will decorate your meal even when the real cake is eaten!
  • Compositions of flowers and candles will create a special mysterious charm of a feast in the twilight. Try this for an intimate dining experience!
  • Elegant art bouquets will demonstrate your exquisite taste to everyone and add an atmosphere of stylish sophistication to the feast.

Ordering flowers from us for 2000 rubles by phone +7 (495) 236 72 47, you will receive a bouquet of excellent quality and you will not be disappointed!

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