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Flowers for brother


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


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35 cм

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Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Irises blue "River Bank"


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Flowers as a gift for a brother are selected according to the same principle as when drawing up classic men's bouquets for informal occasions (no pink buds, as well as frivolous ribbons, bows, sparkles). Since not all representatives of the stronger sex react correctly to a flower surprise, it is better not to hand the bouquet from hand to hand, but to put it in a vase in advance and make it an unexpected pleasant element of the festive table setting.

Flowers for brother

  • Birthday;
  • 23 February;
  • successful graduation from high school or college;
  • returning from military service;
  • wedding / engagement;
  • Dissertation defense / scientific degree;
  • business event: promotion, opening your own company.

The bouquet must be made taking into account the age:

Young men are given inexpensive bouquets of small spray roses and carnations, tulips, irises, chrysanthemums and sunflowers, complemented by sprigs of greenery and stems of wildflowers. For older men, large roses with elongated glasses of white or bright saturated colors (burgundy, purple, blue, black) are selected. Compositions using such flowers as orchids, gerberas , lilies, heliconia, amarylis, strelitzia, delphinium look interesting and unusual , protea. If you want to send a bouquet by courier service, it is convenient to order a composition in a wicker basket or a hat box. The bouquet can be accompanied by a bottle of good wine or cognac, a box of chocolates, a souvenir in the form of a commemorative cup or mug.

How to choose a bouquet for your brother

If you are at a loss with the choice of a bouquet, please contact our florists. Most likely, the specialist will be interested not only in your brother's age, but also in his character and profession. When composing a bouquet, it is important to take into account the temperament and psychotype: a phlegmatic person or the soul of a company, a “nerd” or a cheerful wit with a sparkling sense of humor. When placing an order, you can be absolutely sure that the bouquet will be collected from the freshest flowers and delivered at the right time.

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