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Flowers for grandfather


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


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35 cм

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Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Box of red roses "Tiffany"


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30 cм

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Older men are happy flowers are not less than young girls. Especially when the bouquet is presented by beloved grandchildren. The older a person is, the more important signs of attention from loved ones are for him. When you are going to visit, do not forget to buy a bouquet for your grandpa There is always a reason: from birthdays to professional holidays and significant family dates.

What flowers to give grandpa?

Gladioli, edelweiss and dahlias are traditionally considered male flowers. However, no one forbids the use of flowers as a gift, which are given to women as well. A bouquet of flowers for grandfather can be made of roses, lilies, gerberas. Compositions of noble irises or exotic alstroemerias also look very impressive. In the big city, does your grandfather yearn for the simplicity of country life? Then he is deeply moved by an armful of modest daisies or a huge bouquet of sunflowers. Another gift option is small bush chrysanthemums, symbolizing everyday well-being. When choosing flowers for your grandfather, give preference to compositions in soothing colors. A cool palette is welcomed - blue, light blue, purple flowers . Warm colors are also appropriate, but not too juicy.

Offer from the flower delivery shop

You live far away and can't bring flowers to your grandfather in person? Buy a flower arrangement with home delivery. Please your loved one with the most precious - your attention. Order your bouquet now.

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