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Flowers for housewarming


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


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Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Bouquet "Peony Summer"


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What flowers can I give for housewarming?

give almost any flowers. It's easier to list those that will look inappropriate. This is, for example, a bouquet of red roses, because it has a strictly romantic purpose, as well as a bouquet of wildflowers if the new home is a spacious high-tech city apartment or a three-story Empire-style country house. Chamomiles and sunflowers simply won't fit into the interior here. A completely logical question - which ones will fit? We will turn to florists for help.

The most popular bouquets for interior decoration

  1. For the living room: a composition of roses and wildflowers in a hat box, in the summer with a sprig of berries, in the fall with yellow leaves, in the winter with spruce branches, in the spring bouquets with sprigs of flowering trees, for example, apple, pear, will look authentic , cherry or lilac.
  2. Flowers of a more modest color scheme are suitable for the dining room - green hydrangeas, lilac tulips, yellow hippeastrum, white orchids.
  3. A hydrangea is also suitable for a bedroom, but brighter - blue or white in combination with peonies, orchids of various colors, several roses. They can be purchased individually, just like carnations.

Floral Symbolism

The best flowers for congratulations on a housewarming, based on their meaning, are chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums symbolize longevity, prosperity, health, wealth. By the same analogy, you can pick up peonies. Their lush, luxurious buds are associated with wealth. In addition, according to Feng Shui, peonies also have a certain force of attraction, which they extend to household members. That is, they are able to harmonize relations between spouses, and help unmarried and unmarried tenants find a soul mate.

What other flowers are given for housewarming? Asters, roses, ranunculus, alstroemeria, orchids - there are a lot of options. We advise you to pay attention to the shade of the buds. Psychologists believe that the “happiest” color in the spectrum is yellow. He is able to give a positive, associated with warmth, light, summer. A yellow bouquet can literally illuminate any interior with its charm.

You can choose a housewarming bouquet after consulting with the happy owners of a new home. They know better exactly how they would like to decorate their apartments. Indeed, in a certain sense, this is their personal space.

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