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What flowers are traditionally given for weddings?

Light-colored roses, peonies and lilies are considered traditional wedding flowers. They look luxurious and delicate. Flowers in pastel colors will certainly suit any wedding - traditional, or thematic, or stylized as some kind of youth subculture.

General range of wedding bouquet

This is a very important point, because recently weddings are often decorated in a certain color scheme. When choosing a bouquet, it is important to know what color will prevail at the celebration. If it is planned to organize it, for example, in blue tones, it is appropriate to choose the appropriate bouquet. If the wedding organizers do not focus on the color of the decoration, then it is preferable to give the newlyweds white and pink bouquets. They are associated with youth, purity and innocence.

Ranunculus bouquet " cherished dream " is ideal for a wedding. Delicate shades of flowers look solemn and gentle. The bride will be pleased to receive such a composition as a gift.

Blue and lilac flowers are allowed. They also most likely won't resonate with the bridesmaid's wedding dress and general wedding décor. Red buds can look too flashy and attract unnecessary attention. Many people avoid giving yellow bouquets for weddings, as they are associated with separation.

Varieties of wedding flowers

  • Roses are ideal for a classic wedding. Choose white, pink, light orange, blue.
  • Peonies are summer flowers that suit all brides without exception. They look lush and rich in a bouquet.
  • Chrysanthemums are a great option for a winter wedding. Versatile. Looks especially beautiful with greenery, such as fern.
  • Lilies - bouquets with them look very luxurious, thanks to large buds, especially in combination with the bride's dress. But these flowers have a strong scent and can cause allergies.
  • Freesias are the favorites of wedding florists thanks to their lush flowers and delicate shades. They can turn any room into a garden of paradise.
  • Ranunculus - delicate flowers will suit any bride's look. Bouquets of them look good in the hands of fragile short girls.
  • Gerberas are very effective in a wedding bouquet, they are often combined with roses and calla lilies. Almost no wedding is complete without them.
  • Orchids are a rare flower in wedding bouquets, but recently they are gaining ground. Virtually odorless and non-allergenic.

What flowers are not allowed to give to a wedding?

  • With crumbling pollen and thorns. Imagine if a bride pricks her finger and a red drop of blood appears on a white glove. Or will a yellow coating appear on the groom's suit? These little things can ruin your mood, avoid them.
  • Formal routine bouquets of daffodils, hyacinths or tulips may look out of place at a wedding.
  • It is not customary to give red carnations at Russian weddings, because they have become part of our mentality, like flowers for war veterans or funeral ones.
  • If the wedding takes place abroad (this is fashionable now) refrain from bouquets with purple delphiniums, tulips, forget-me-nots, lilacs, for many European nations they mean loneliness. For the same reason, don't give camellias and gladioli, as some cultures believe they bring bad luck.

White roses in a basket. The composition is called " Cote d'Azur ". A generous and chic gift. It will emphasize the special status of the guest. Will decorate any room, will cause rapturous glances. The bride will get tremendous pleasure from owning such a present.

When choosing a bouquet for newlyweds, consult a florist. Wedding fashion changes all the time, every year something new appears. Delight the young with a modern bouquet. The bride will surely appreciate your efforts. You can find out about the novelties of this season by consulting our specialists. We have a huge selection of wedding bouquets, call and order. We will be happy to help you!

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