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Flowers for student's day


Red roses "Aphrodite"


50 cм

40 cм

2 850


White roses "Blanca"


50 cм

30 cм

1 300


Pink tulips "Malvina"


30 cм

20 cм

6 550
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Student's Day: a bright holiday with flowers

Who is given a bouquet for Student's Day? There are several answers. Classmates - current and former ones - can become addressees. Teachers. Tatyana, who has a name day on this day, stands apart on the list.

Flowers for Student's Day

Since the age and status of recipients is different, flowers for Student's Day are selected for them in the appropriate style. A bouquet for a leader should look strict, restrained and respectful. In the composition for specialized teachers, it is appropriate to show originality and imagination related to their subject. If the teacher is young and has recently been a student himself, interspersing of humorous elements is acceptable.

Most of all reasons to get a bouquet on Student's Day from fellow students. Especially if their name is Tatiana. They do not need to be presented with huge, expensive bouquets. One humble rose or a small bunch of crocuses will do. If you have a close relationship, then you should not skimp on expressing feelings through a bouquet.

  • The chosen one deserves to receive:
  • Luxurious bouquet of roses;
  • Fragrant lilies;
  • Extravagant orchids.

Surprise the addressee with a surprise

You can be next to the girl and watch how she will be surprised by the appearance of our courier. To do this, in our store you need to buy flowers for Student's Day and order delivery. Let's make a gift together so that charming smiles bloom on the faces of the chosen ones on a winter day!

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