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Heart in a box "My Love"


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30 cм

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101 Roses "Real Love"


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13 550


Red roses "Aphrodite"


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4 700
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"Sorry!" - flowers say

Everyone knows how difficult it is to make amends when you cannot find the words to express regret for the misdeed that hurt someone. Flowers can do it better than us, and flowers from our store can do it better than anyone else. Want to fix a mistake, restore peace and regain trust? Contact us and you will certainly be forgiven! Our bouquet will act as a mediator between the two quarreling and ward off the threat of separation.

Medicine for vulnerable loved ones

The ancient sages said: only those who are not created for each other never quarrel. Psychologists advise: it is sometimes necessary to analyze conflicts, sort things out, but it must be done in an atmosphere of peace and quiet. This means that we must not understand, but quickly put up. And if you are reasonable - hurry to take the first step. If you have offended someone and want to be forgiven - do it without delay! Our phone number - +7 (495) 236 72 47 will help you correct any mistake:

  • Bouquets that simply shout about love will be able to put an end to the annoying disagreement between spouses, between lovers. These are "301 Nights", "Pearl of Love", "Merlin Monroe" - and others.
  • Tenderness and warmth will give bouquets intended for parents who are angry with something. They also need words of apology, which can be said "Pink", "Rainbow of feelings", "Sweetie".
  • Offended colleagues and friends can be reassured and made to smile by the bouquets "Bright future", "Simple words", "Hope".

Do not leave resentment in the hearts of loved ones for a long time! We are ready to deliver your order around the clock for free, because even a minute without quarrels and offenses is worth a lot! Order a bouquet of apologies from us, and harmony will reign in your relationship.

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Бесплатная доставка за 2 часа  точно в срок

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Бесплатная доставка за 2 часа

Free delivery in 2 hours

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