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Halloween Flowers


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Flowers for Halloween are a tradition that, like all other attributes of this holiday, came to us from the West. The main component of the bouquet can be ordinary autumn flowers with the addition of dried flowers, as well as decorations in the form of pumpkins, witches, bats and other evil spirits.

Halloween - this is All Saints Day, a special holiday celebrated in European countries. Why special? Because it is dedicated to unusual characters - witches, vampires, werewolves, sorcerers and so on. This holiday has taken root in Russia, mainly in the student environment and as a holiday for children. This is a great excuse to have fun, arrange a costume evening, invite friends over.

On this day, everything is dedicated to the negative characters of mystical stories - clothes, food, living room decorations. Everything is stylized as an "evening of horror stories". Here decorators have two tasks - to make it both beautiful and scary at the same time. We invite you to add atmosphere to the holiday with flowers.

Features of "otherworldly" floristry

The main colors of the holiday are, of course, black and orange. You can add bright red and green. White, as the "official" color of the ghosts, will also work. Dark purple - a symbol of darkness and night will look elegant and mysterious. The floristic symbols of the holiday are pumpkins, yellowed fallen leaves, corn, bare branches of trees and bushes.

A selection of flowers for halloween:

All this can be combined in a truly stunning bouquet. Halloween is one of the few holidays where the combination of fresh flowers with dead wood will look quite organic. & Nbsp;

If you have a violent imagination, you yourself can easily make a flower arrangement for the day of horror stories as a gift or to decorate your room. But if you doubt your abilities, then you can order an inexpensive bouquet in Moscow with home delivery in our online store. Call or order online and we will delight you with our creativity.

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