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Bouquets from 5000 to 6000 rubles


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Bouquet of red roses "Venus"


50 cм

50 cм

6 600 ₽
5 890
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Yellow roses "Radiant"


30 cм

30 cм

6 200 ₽
5 850
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Bouquet for five plus

In bouquets for 5 thousand rubles, the nobility and quality of the floral material is emphasized by the painstaking work of florists. The masterpieces of our designers will impress with their sophistication and generosity. Such flower music cannot sound “under the mute,” and many of our “five-thousanders” are large and decorated in baskets. A slender choir of more than 50 flowers will sing for you a solemn hymn to beauty. Present the music of flowers to loved ones - it will touch any heart.

Gentle geometry

A distinctive feature of the 5000 bouquets is the special rhythm of the arrangement of flowers that create a geometrically complete figure. Looking at our compositions, you will be amazed at how precise human hands can be. A flower dome over a basket or a sphere over a bundle of stems will seem so correct, as if drawn on a compass, and not collected from delicate roses, lilies, irises, daisies, tulips. The illusion is created that the bouquet is larger than in reality, because the rays radiating from the center of the composition continue it. Among our bouquets:

  • Arrangements of 51 roses of different varieties and shades in a basket.
  • Flower hearts - compositions for loved ones from roses.
  • Original generous spherical bouquets of irises and lilies, hemispherical - of sunflowers, roses and daisies.

In the price category "five plus" you will find beautiful bouquets that are easy to order by phone +7 (495) 236 72 47. Delivery service - round the clock and free - also works for five plus!

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