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Flowers for May 9


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Bouquet of white roses "Angelica"


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Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Flowers for May 9 - a tribute to memory and tradition

Traditionally, veterans are presented with red flowers on May 9. It is a symbol of the blood shed in battles with the German invaders. In addition to bouquets, veterans are congratulated with concerts, invited to parades, memories of which will warm old people for a long time. And so that the festive mood does not leave the heroes and at home, it is worth presenting them with a beautiful bouquet that will stand in a vase for a long time and symbolize the respect of the younger generation.

What flowers are presented on May 9

If you have a question about what flowers are presented on May 9, you should contact professional florists. The employees of the Flowers Delivery online store will always help you make the right choice and will beautifully pack the bouquet. Red flora are the most popular on Victory Day. Whatever plant you choose, a valuable gift - fresh flowers for May 9th.

Due to the fact that the holiday takes place in the spring, when there is already a large selection of buds on sale for every taste, traditionally veterans are presented with carnations, tulips, and poppies. The shape of the tulip is similar to the Eternal Flame; on such a holiday, this is an actual comparison. Poppies symbolize sacrifice and rebirth. It is believed that they grow in the places where Soviet soldiers shed their blood.

Due to the fact that carnations stay in a vase for a long time, they are the most popular flowers on Victory Day. They symbolize the honor and courage of the soldiers. The younger generation remembers the heroic deeds. Even if for some reason you cannot buy carnations, poppies or tulips, buy any plants. It doesn't matter what flowers you will give to the veterans on May 9, the main thing is that you will do it with all your heart.

A bouquet for May 9 is worth choosing from us

Our online store offers a variety of flowers to customers who wish to congratulate veterans with a bouquet on May 9. Our advantages are:

  • Only fresh plants;
  • Affordable price;
  • Convenient payment and delivery methods.

The store's florists will select beautiful and fresh buds for customers, arrange them in their original packaging. For this we have a large selection of wrapping paper, colored ribbons.

Here you can also buy flowers in bulk on May 9. If you are planning to hold a holiday or concert to which veterans will be invited, you should think about buying wholesale bouquets in advance.

Contact us and we will help you choose a worthy composition for congratulations on Victory Day.

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