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FAQ Часто задаваемые вопросы

Frequently asked Questions
The Flower Delivery online store works for you and strives to make the ordering process fast and convenient. If you have any doubts, you can check out the most frequently asked questions here:

How to place an order?
You can order by phone or online on our website. Just select the bouquet you like, add it to the basket, fill in the delivery details and choose the most convenient payment method for you.

Can I place an order if I am in another country?
Of course, you can place an order while in another country and pay with a foreign bank card.

Is delivery possible on the same day?
Day to day delivery is possible. We are ready to deliver your order in 2-3 hours after confirmation.

What data is needed to deliver an order?
At a minimum, you need the recipient's phone number. If you know the exact address, just fill it in on the order form.

How long does it take to place an order?
The minimum time for placing an order is 2-3 hours before its delivery. Of course, it's better to order in advance.

How can I find out the status of an order?
The order status can be checked on the website or by contacting us in a way convenient for you.

Do the bouquets match the pictures on the website?
Our florists create bouquets as close as possible to the photo of the bouquets. But you should always remember that there are no identical flowers and floristry is an individual art.

How do I know if certain colors are available?
Most of the colors presented on the site are always in stock. The exception is some flowers (exotic), which are brought under the order (you need to place an order for them in 1-2 days). For accuracy, it is better to call us or write to the mail.

Can I see a photo of the bouquet live?
When placing an order, you can indicate in the comments to the order so that we send you a photo of the finished bouquet.

Can you add a message to the bouquet?
You can write a message to the bouquet in a special field when placing an order. It will be printed on a special postcard and delivered with the bouquet.

Can delivery be made anonymous?
The information you provide is confidential and not disclosed. The information that will be presented to the recipient is what you write in the message to the bouquet.

What if the recipient is not there?
We will try to contact you and find out how to act in this situation: leave a bouquet to neighbors, colleagues, concierge; arrange additional delivery; leave flowers near the door.

Payment for the order
How to pay for an order?
You can pay for your order with a Visa and Mastercard credit card, electronic money Qiwi Wallet, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, bank transfer using bank details, etc.

Can I pay with a card of another country?
Of course, you can pay with a bank card from another country.

Is the delivery cost included in the bouquet?
Delivery of bouquets presented on our website is free of charge.

How do I know if my order has been paid?
After paying for the order, a confirmation will be sent to your mail.

How can I use a promo code?
When placing an order, enter the promo code in the special field and the discount will be calculated automatically.

Information questions
What flowers are combined in a bouquet?
The bouquet combines flowers close in shade. Yellow, orange, red; purple, blue, green; white, pale pink.

What bouquet is given for a wedding?
For a wedding, it is customary to give a bouquet in gentle colors.

What flower will decorate any bouquet?
The rose will be a great decoration for any bouquet.

What flowers are used in an autumn bouquet?
Seasonal flowers in bright colors such as gerberas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, irises.

What should be the bridal bouquet?
The bride's bouquet should take into account her image, style of celebration (combination of color and shape), seasonality of flowers.

What bouquet to give a man?
Monochromatic bouquets in a simple style are suitable for men, vertical bouquets can be used.

What flowers are combined with roses in a bouquet?
Irises, lisianthus, chrysanthemum, alstroemeria, calla lilies, lilies are combined with roses.

What bouquet do you give for your birthday?
When choosing a bouquet for a birthday, it is worth considering the birthday person's preference. The bouquet should be festive and voluminous.

What bouquets are in fashion now?
Original shapes with a combination of exotic pastel colors. Compositions in hat boxes.

What kind of paper is used for bouquets?
Popular kraft in different shades, ecolux paper, dense matte.

What bouquet to give mom?
A bouquet for mom should be delicate or bright shades with a light aroma. Volumetric and neatly designed.

What bouquets are long lasting?
The bouquets for which attention and care are shown last the longest. The most unpretentious are carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, alstroemeria.

What flowers are combined with asters?
Asters are combined with wildflowers. They look elegant on their own in different varieties.

At what temperature should the bouquet be stored?
The most optimal temperature at home is no more than 15 degrees.

What flowers does the lily match in the bouquet?
Lily is successfully combined with irises, roses, chrysanthemums, alstroemeria



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