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Bouquets from 4000 to 5000 rubles


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


35 cм

35 cм

4 350


Tulips in a box "JLo"


30 cм

30 cм

4 950


Spray roses "Jennifer"


50 cм

30 cм

4 400


-3 %
Bouquet of peonies "Native"


40 cм

40 cм

5 050 ₽
4 890


Peonies "Velvet Season"


40 cм

40 cм

4 900
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Flower Emotion Palette

Our store's offer in the 4000 plus price range showcases the diversity of the flora and the imagination of our designers. For example, there is an exotic blue color scheme, spectacular plants delight with splendor, and in addition, the highlight of this page can be considered sets in which the bouquet does not solo, but harmoniously fits into the ensemble, combined with a soft toy and a delicacy! Ordering a bouquet or a set from this offer page will give you a reputation for being a generous dreamer.

Heavenly petals and favorites of the Celestial Empire

The azure of pink petals is always mesmerizing. This color transforms the rose - a flower known as a metaphor for femininity - into something else. Blue roses are a spectacular version of a man's bouquet, although they are suitable for a woman-dreamer. We also offer bouquets of peonies: these flowers are considered regal and embody the "thousand virtues" in China, where they know a lot about floristry. Besides them, among the flowers over 4000 - chrysanthemums, gerberas, tulips, orchids, chamomile, carnations and irises.

Hearts and Sets

The shape of a flower arrangement in the form of a heart is a clear message to loved ones. She can convey tenderness, joy and even a request for forgiveness - after all, unfortunately, it is very easy to offend loved ones. But it is not difficult to make up either - after all, we are close, it is enough to call +7 (495) 236 72 47 and order a bouquet. Sets with bouquets of flowers are a great solution:

  • There will most likely be few flowers for the gourmet. A set of sweets or a fruit basket will enhance the joy. And if they are complemented by a cute plush creature full of charm - you can be sure: the gift was a success!
  • Such an order with delivery is easy to place from afar if you are late for your birthday. Free 24/7 delivery so you don't have to worry!
  • If you need to cheer up someone who is sick - such a set is a wonderful option, especially a vitamin one - with fruit.

When ordering bouquets and sets from us, you should know: we guarantee beauty and joy to everyone who turns to us!

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