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Stuffed Toys


Basik "Tsar"

30 cм

15 cм

3 100


Zhorik Kvakovsky

16 cм

10 cм

2 300


Bunny in a sea set

25 cм

10 cм

2 700
Bartholomew with a bouquet

25 cм

15 cм

2 100
Li-Li cat with a heart

27 cм

20 cм

2 800
Kitty Li-Li with a Bouquet

24 cм

20 cм

2 900
Wgite Bear

180 cм

9 300
Bear White Large 100 cm

100 cм

40 cм

4 900
Teddy bear big brown 100 cm

100 cм

4 900

Soft toys as a gift

Giving soft plush animals as a gift is a popular tradition that exists on all continents. The world of gifts has its own stars that have spread all over the planet. To become a happy owner of a famous toy, you don't have to order it from abroad. We are glad to present you the world stars of the gift genre, these are:

    buy a soft toy as a gift in Moscow
  • Bartholomew the dog
  • Cat Basik
  • Bunny Yo
  • Bunny Mi
  • Kitty Li-Li
  • Bernart the Bear

These stellar beasts may not be available in regular toy stores. They are produced and manufactured in strict accordance with the traditions of tailoring and design by a limited number of companies.

Large toys the size of a person

To leave an indelible impression on yourself, you can give your girlfriend or daughter a huge toy. It will be an excellent decoration for the interior of the room, and most importantly, it will be a very big and kind reminder of you.

Toys made of flowers

A bear of roses will be a very romantic gift. This is a reminder of love and care, of generosity and a compliment to the beauty of your chosen one.

Reason for joy

A soft toy can be an independent gift or an addition to a bouquet of flowers. It can be presented for a birthday, New Year, anniversary, March 8, February 14, or just as a reminder of your feelings. Nothing touches a girl like a cute fluffy face, so a soft toy will also help you make peace with your beloved.

You can buy from us big and small plush toys with home delivery. Delivery is possible throughout the entire Russian Federation. Check the rates on the website or by phone.

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