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Flowers for mother-in-law


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


35 cм

35 cм

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Bouquet of white roses "Angelica"


60 cм

35 cм

1 600 ₽
1 390


Red roses "Aphrodite"


50 cм

40 cм

2 850
-8 %
Hydrangea in craft "Snowdon"


50 cм

30 cм

1 850 ₽
1 700
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Want to build a good relationship with your mother-in-law? Give her flowers more often - on holidays and just as a sign of attention. Rest assured - she will not resist.

What flowers to give my mother-in-law?

There are many options. Let's start with the classics - roses, lilies, chrysanthemums. Fashionable compositions of gerberas and daisies , similar to huge daisies, look elegant. Lush hydrangea inflorescences, noble irises, delicate tulips are charmingly beautiful. If you have been married for more than one year and know your mother-in-law well, you can choose more informal compositions for her as a gift. For example, a basket of daisies or a bouquet of sunflowers if your lady's mom loves country romance. When choosing flowers for your mother-in-law, give preference to plants with a light calm color of the petals. The optimal palette is white, pink and yellow shades. Also pay attention to the size of the bouquet. Remember, the more luxurious the composition, the better. A modest bunch of three to five flowers can be presented to a wife, but not to her mother. And one more important point is the design. Look for beautifully packaged bouquets to show respect for someone much older than you.

Offer from the flower delivery shop

Now you know what flowers to give your mother-in-law. But how to give her a bouquet if you live in different parts of the city? We offer a solution - to purchase a composition with home delivery to the addressee. Please the mother of your beloved - place an order in one click right now.

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