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buy flowers for a man in Moscow

It is customary to hand flowers to a man on a particularly solemn occasion. As a rule, the bouquet accompanies the main gift or award for achievements in any area. A bouquet can be presented to a man for his birthday, anniversary or on the occasion of a professional holiday. Flowers can be presented on behalf of a loved one, several relatives, colleagues or an organization.

A masculine bouquet has some features that distinguish it from a feminine one. It is more laconic in composition and color, it has an elongated shape, exotic plants are often added to men's bouquets. There are practically no accessories in men's bouquets, or they are themed.

Flowers that most often fall into bouquets for the stronger sex are & nbsp; - chrysanthemums, tulips, irises, white, red, blue, black roses, tulips, gerberas, orchids. To compose men's bouquets, as a rule, peonies, spray roses, ranunculus, eustoma and all flowers of delicate pastel shades are not used.

You can order a men's bouquet inexpensively in our online store in Moscow with delivery to your home or office. Delivery terms are indicated in the corresponding section. You can place an order online or by phone. With a 100% prepayment, delivery to the recipient is possible.

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