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Flowers for girlfriend

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How to choose flowers for a girlfriend

The closer the person , the more difficult it is to choose a gift for him, because you want to surprise and please, not lose your face in the dirt and find something special, memorable. Too many requests to be embodied in one gift. To realize them, complement it with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Flowers for a friend can be chosen based on several criteria - these are her tastes, character and temperament, a reason for the holiday, symbolism of flowers and floral etiquette. Let's start with the latter. According to etiquette, it is better to give light flowers of delicate pastel shades to young girls. They will only emphasize youth and beauty. For older ladies, it is recommended to buy flowers in rich, but not flashy tones, for example, burgundy or crimson. Close friends are not given formal or routine bouquets of lilies or calla lilies. In general, when choosing flowers for friends, it is better to avoid mono compositions, they are more suitable for formal events, and a gift to a friend should be informal. Note the mixed bouquets of roses, gerberas, peonies, ranunculus (double buttercups), alstroemeria, or freesias. Bouquets with the participation of wildflowers - poppies, cornflowers, daisies and so on - are suitable for a gift to a friend.

Each of these flowers has its own meaning, its own symbolism, so you can choose a bouquet based on your wishes. For example, peonies mean love and wealth, and for married people they help strengthen relationships. And lonely to meet your soul mate. Roses - symbolize passion, beauty and admiration. When presented, they signify a compliment to attractiveness and outstanding ability. Gerberas are fragments of a hot summer. They symbolize warmth, joy, fun time. These are flowers for bright, sociable people. Ranunculi are fragile and delicate. They mean sympathy, closeness, beauty and attractiveness. Freesias are considered the flowers of European aristocrats. It was there that they initially took root, after they were brought from South Africa. Since then, freesias mean straightforwardness, pride, incorruptibility, some arrogance, but also sophistication and refined taste. Wildflowers symbolize carelessness, carelessness, they are suitable for easy and pleasant people in communication.

You can also choose flowers based on the character or temperament of your friend. Florists believe that bright bouquets of fiery shades - red, orange, yellow - are suitable for hot-tempered choleric people. Melancholic, on the contrary, are suitable compositions of watery tones - blue, lilac, white, green. Calm phlegmatic people prefer muted colors. It can be crimson, pink, blue flowers. For sanguine people, you can buy a bright bouquet of optimistic warm shades - yellow or orange. Mixed contrasting bouquets are also suitable for them. The reason for the holiday is also of great importance. So, if you choose a bouquet for your friend's wedding, be guided by white and soft pink bouquets so that they are in harmony with the surroundings of the holiday. When choosing flowers for a baby's birth, look for odorless and pollenless terry buds, such as chrysanthemums. They will be the safest for a young mother and her baby. A bouquet for a name day or birthday can be voluminous if the holiday is held at home and there is a place to put flowers. But if the holiday takes place in a cafe, restaurant or outdoors, it is better to buy flowers in a box or basket. They are already placed in a water-soaked sponge and do not need to be moved into the water. Such compositions have a better chance of surviving until the end of the celebration. On March 8, it is better to buy seasonal flowers associated with the arrival of spring. They cheer up and symbolize changes in life. These include daffodils, mimosas and tulips.

If your friend appreciates the eccentricity of people, look for her unusual exotic flowers or art bouquets. Orchids of rare colors - green, brown or blue roses - can be attributed to unusual colors. You can buy these and other types of bouquets for a friend in our online store in Moscow with home delivery. We are also ready to advise you to make your choice. Call and order. We will be happy to help you!

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