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Flowers for the beloved woman


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Flowers about “I miss you”, how to choose a romantic bouquet?

If you want to remind yourself, the right solution would be to use a bouquet of flowers. It will help to express emotions laconically, but succinctly. Flowers have a special energy and know how to share it. To do this, you need to decide what exactly you want to say with your gift, and then choose the right bouquet. He will tell you more about your feelings than verbal compliments or lengthy explanations.

What emotions can flowers express?

Let's list the plants that , thanks to the special energy, cause positive emotions in women. If the reminder should be light and unobtrusive, pay attention to:

  • cornflowers and other wildflowers of our latitudes, they will mean non-binding flirting, a desire to chat, a reminder of a great time;
  • asters speak of love and strong emotional attachment;
  • pink carnations express gratitude and sincere offer of help;
  • dahlias - a sudden desire to surprise or impress;
  • hydrangeas - care and hope for reciprocity;
  • eustomas - the desire to continue relationships, communication, friendship;
  • ranunculus - a reminder to a lady of how beautiful and attractive she is;
  • flowering plants in pots, for example, azalea, orchid - desire to be friends, spiritual closeness;
  • chocolate roses - deep sympathy, the desire to pamper, patronize.

If you want not just to remind, but to declare yourself, loudly and with expression, choose:

  • roses - mean strong feelings - love, passion, affection, depending on the color;
  • lilies - admiration for beauty, confirmation of loyalty;
  • peonies - a strong desire to meet;
  • tulips (note the fluffy peony varieties) - sacrifice, ardor, passion;
  • bouquets with an additional gift, for example, with a toy, will add spontaneity to the relationship, mean the desire to claim a special place in the recipient's life.

Meaning of the color of a bouquet of roses

  • red - loyalty, jealousy, love;
  • burgundy - ardent love, passion;
  • pink - tenderness;
  • yellow - care;
  • cream - emotional attachment;
  • blue is mysterious.

If you give flowers to your beloved women, you will be able to see for yourself how colorful and expressive their language is. Flowers are a man's best helpers, if you need to remind yourself, improve relationships, arrange, make up, make amends, melt the ice in a relationship.

Of course, do not forget that it is important not only to choose the right “I miss” bouquet, but also to present it correctly. If you are in a forced separation, order a bouquet with delivery to your home or work. The effect of surprise will multiply the emotional message of the gift. In some cases, it is better to give the bouquet in person or add a postcard with poems to it. Our advice is general, but every relationship is unique. When choosing flowers for loved ones, be guided by your heart as well.

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