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Flowers for February 23

What are the bouquets for February 23

Contrary to all stereotypes, February 23 is not a purely male holiday. On this day, it is customary to congratulate the defenders of the fatherland, and they can be women. So we will not dwell on men's bouquets, but will tell you what flowers can be given as a sign of gratitude, appreciation, respect. And also - which of them symbolize devotion and courage.

What flowers are given to the military?

On February 23rd, you can give roses. The most suitable are white and blue. The former symbolize justice, and the latter, loyalty. As a rule, white roses are not included in men's bouquets, but with blue roses it is quite possible to congratulate dad. A good option for men can be bouquets with tulips and irises, and for women - with lilies. Irises symbolize courage, lilies - devotion. For women who have chosen a military career, you can buy gerberas as a gift - these are symbols of joy, peace and friendliness.

Red roses and carnations should not be given to the military on February 23rd. They are associated with blood and grief for those killed on the battlefield. They are taken to the graves of soldiers who died heroically for their homeland.

What flowers to choose for a corporate party on February 23?

Flowers will be a good addition to any gift, including for men. They will add conviviality. On February 23, they often give tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol. It is much more interesting to present these presents in a basket of flowers. If with daisies - it will be touching, with tulips - solemn, with irises - exquisite.

Flowers make our life brighter, happier, kinder, happier. We are used to the fact that receiving them as a gift is the prerogative of women. But it was not always so. In ancient times, warriors who returned from campaigns were honored with flowers. & Nbsp;

After all, any fresh flowers are associated with the end of the war and peace.

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