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Buying flowers for a restaurant

To create a festive atmosphere, it is customary to decorate the restaurant hall with flowers. If you have made a choice in favor of live plants, then you will need to contact the service for their delivery. Now you can order and buy any flowers in the restaurant at any time of the year in any quantity.

buy flowers in a restaurant in Moscow

If you decide to decorate the restaurant with flowers yourself, you can purchase several ready-made flower arrangements and place them on the tables. They should not be very tall and lush, so as not to disturb the guests. You can buy individually tulips, roses or something else and arrange them symmetrically on the tables. We recommend that you do not mix flowers yourself, as there are rules about which plants can be put together in a vase and which cannot. For example, no other representatives of the flora will get along with tulips. They release a thick sap into the water, which will clog their stems.

Where else can you put flowers besides the table?

It is also customary to decorate chairs, arches, columns, fireplaces, dressers with flowers. In general, all the furniture that is present in the room. Fresh flowers on chairs can stain guests' outfits with pollen. Artificial decorations can be used for chairs. But you shouldn't put artificial flowers on the banquet table.

How to decorate a restaurant for a wedding?

Wedding floristry is splendid and ubiquitous. If I may say so. At weddings, flowers are even attached to cutlery and napkins. Of course, the presidium of the newlyweds, the tables of guests, the arch, the columns, if any, are covered with flowers, and the florists also sprinkle everything else with flowers. The only requirement is the compatibility of all this flower boom. All flowers should be in harmony, starting with the boutonniere of the groom and the bridal bouquet, ending with the compositions on the chandelier and the banquet table.

Flowers for restaurant tables on birthday and anniversary

An anniversary or birthday does not require as much fancy as a wedding banquet. Although this is a matter of taste. There are no increased requirements for the uniformity of floristic compositions. There can be many options. Here are some of them:

    buy a bouquet in a restaurant in Moscow
  • one big bouquet in the middle;
  • composition in the center, as well as small vases along;
  • you can decorate the table with several equally large bouquets;
  • you can use miniature graceful containers with one or more flowers, or greenery, or both. & nbsp;

Flowers for the restaurant for the birthday of the child

Children's birthday is usually decorated with bright flowers. Flowers are best placed in places that are hard to reach for children, if the age of guests will vary from 3 to 12 years old. The bouquets can be hung on curtains and walls. You can also decorate lamps and chandeliers with flowers.

Some rules of table setting with flowers:

  • potted plants are not placed on the dining table, only cut plants;
  • lilies and other flowers with a bright scent, such as lilacs, are not placed on the banquet;
  • the composition should not be higher than the head of the diners, it is important that people can communicate at the table without obstacles.

What flowers to choose for decorating a restaurant?

Roses, peonies, hydrangeas are always relevant at weddings. We also draw your attention to peony tulips. They look very elegant. For birthdays, you can choose gerberas, ranunculus, orchids, sunflowers, asters, dahlias and other flowers. Multicolored carnations and chrysanthemums are suitable for children's parties. Double flowers have the least amount of pollen. That is, it practically does not exist, they can be called the most hypoallergenic. Do not forget to add a touch of natural mood to your holiday. Decorate bouquets with fruits in autumn, berries in summer, branches of flowering trees in spring, and spruce branches in winter.

Whatever the design of the restaurant, the main thing is that it is done with soul. Guests will surely feel the atmosphere and energy that you have given to the hall. Decoration is the key to a successful holiday.

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