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Flowers for Mother's Day

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A small bouquet of "Goldilocks"


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Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Pink orchid "Aura"


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Bouquet "Cosmopolitan"


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Flowers for Mother's Day should be special. This holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday in November. One of the most touching days of the year, which is not complete without a bouquet of flowers for the most beloved and most loving. On this day, flowers are a symbol of care, appreciation and gratitude, a demonstration of devotion, and also a source of pride for mom.

buy flowers for Mother's Day in Moscow

What flowers are given on Mother's Day?

  • Classic roses - a sign of respect;
  • Chrysanthemums - wish for longevity;
  • Chamomile - as a symbol of devotion to family values;
  • Hydrangeas in the language of flowers mean "I remember you";
  • Peonies are a symbol of abundance and prosperity;
  • Decorative sunflowers are a symbol of comfort.

Mixed bouquets

Mixed bouquets are compositions that combine many types of flowers. These can be bright, delicate, variegated or strict in color bouquets. On Mother's Day, florists advise to choose bouquets in pastel colors. Delicate buds and greens best match the theme of the holiday. Pay attention to the mixes with roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, eustomas, hydrangeas.

You can buy a bouquet for Mother's Day in our online store in Moscow with home delivery. You can choose on our website in the section of the same name "Mother's Day". We organize delivery throughout Russia. If you are far from your mother, you can order the delivery of a bouquet with a postcard from any part of the world. We will be happy to help you!

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