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A set of gift candles is one of the most common souvenirs. In Russia, it is customary to use candles mainly in the winter. They maintain the atmosphere of such holidays as New Years and Christmas. Candles are also used to create a romantic setting on Valentine's Day. No one will deny that a lighted candle on the table will cheer you up at dinner.

Did you know that candles can be made of different materials?

When you buy candles, you can pay attention to what they are made of. It could be

  • wax
  • paraffin
  • helium base.

The most sustainable of these materials is wax. Cotton thread can burn for a long time and very brightly. It is wax candles that do not leave traces of burning and have a characteristic natural aroma. The clear candle gel can be dyed in any color and can be filled with shells or beads. All in all, they provide a lot of creativity for manufacturers.

Candles as a gift

Candles are one of the best souvenirs. Candle gift sets can be beautifully and expensively decorated. By presenting them, you bring warmth and joy into the house. Therefore, candles are one of the most popular gifts. In addition, they can be decorated in any style and are suitable for a gift on any occasion.

Another important purpose of modern candles is aromatherapy. So, by giving candles, you are taking care of the health and well-being of the recipient. This gift will bring pleasure and a few minutes of relaxation, which is so necessary in the conditions of modern city life. Another plus of scented candles - they not only exude aroma, but also absorb unpleasant odors, such as tobacco.

From the point of view of esotericists ...

A lit candle not only gives light and fills the house with auspicious energy. You can choose the color you want to channel that energy in the right direction. For example:

  • yellow candles - delight, cheer up;
  • red - tone up, excite;
  • green is soothing;
  • purple is relaxing;
  • White pacifies.

We offer to buy scented candles with delivery in our online store. It can be a stand-alone gift, or a nice addition. You can also order other gifts from us - soft toys, helium balloons, perfume, flowers and sweets.

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