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Flowers for Woman


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Pink hydrangea "Baffina"


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Summer bouquet "Lawn"


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A small bouquet of "Goldilocks"


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Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Bouquet "Peony Summer"


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Pink orchid "Aura"


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Tulips in a box "JLo"


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White tulips "Crystal"


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Bouquet "Cosmopolitan"


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Flowers for a woman

This is the traditional and oldest gift on the planet. Perhaps women received flowers from men when people did not know how to calculate time. Probably, even then the representatives of the stronger sex understood how important it is to give their beloved attention. Or their lovers even then made them understand how necessary it is. You’ve heard the saying that a woman remembers unpresented roses for too long? It appeared for a reason.

Over time, the process giving flowers to women has acquired rules, superstitions, traditions. Any given bouquet or flower reflects the level of a man's cultural development, taste and attitude towards a woman. You can't go wrong with such a gift. In this article, we will show you the criteria by which you can choose flowers for women. There are not many of them, here are the most basic ones:

  • tastes of a woman;
  • age;
  • appearance;
  • social status;
  • man's intentions;
  • some taboos.

Flowers for a woman, depending on her taste

Your observation will help you in this matter. Pay attention to whether she loves potted plants, what style she prefers in the interior, whether she decorates her clothes with flowers, if so, what kind, whether she pays attention to the windows of flower shops. & Nbsp;

Flowers for a woman depending on her age

It is customary for young girls to give bouquets with light half-open buds. Bright flowers are given to older women. According to this rule, the older the woman, the richer the color of the buds should be.

Flowers for women, depending on their appearance

bouquet to a woman based on hair color. Matching flowers are suitable for bright brunettes - roses, gerberas, orchids of juicy shades. For blondes, light buds of roses, lilies, daisies are suitable. If your lady has red hair, try dark roses, purple orchids, or blue flowers.

A charming bouquet for a romantic blonde "Scent of Hope". The composition consists of chrysanthemums, ferns, alstroemerias, tulips, roses, and bergrass.

Flowers for a woman depending on her social status

Every woman has a certain social status or role that she plays in your life. This may be a girl you recently met. It is better for her to choose a bouquet with white and pink flowers. They symbolize purity, innocence, youth and tenderness. You can safely give your wife blue flowers. This color stands for consistency and fidelity. For a friend, younger sister, or co-worker, look for a bouquet of life-affirming sun shades with yellow or orange flowers. It can be a variegated bouquet of neutral flowers. Bright red or burgundy flowers symbolize passion and love. These are not suitable for a young girl.

A cute bouquet for little sister of variegated freesias with greenery: lush, cheerful, with bright sunny notes.

Flowers for a woman, depending on the intentions of a man

In this case, the type of flowers in the composition and their quantity matters. If you want to confess your love, give red roses. If you want to compliment, choose white, cream or pink roses. For women older than themselves, holding a higher position, it is appropriate to give calla lilies. They mean admiration in the good sense of the word. You can also give freesias to your colleagues - they symbolize trust. For teachers and mentors - lilies. They are a symbol of high spirituality and nobility. Feel free to present violets to your friends and acquaintances as a sign of sincere devotion. There are universal flowers such as gerberas. They can be given with the wish of happiness, positive, hope for the best.

Chic bouquet of white lilies for the teacher "Winter". During the session, he is able to melt her heart, despite the harsh name.

The number of flowers in a bouquet also matters. So, on the first date, lush bouquets are inappropriate. One rose is enough to express your admiration for your friend. Bouquets of 5 or 7 flowers are neutral. 3 is customary to give to beloved. In general, the number of buds in a bouquet speaks more about your manner of expressing your feelings than about their true depth. If you are a generous person with a wide soul, you will probably choose large bouquets. Discreet people prefer laconic compositions.

Some flower taboos

It is considered bad form to present a woman with artificial, stale or wilting plants. It is inappropriate for older ladies to present wildflowers or miniature compositions. Carnations are not given on dates. These are flowers for formal occasions. Business bouquets should not include pink or red roses. They are meant for romantic dates, not business.

You can give advice on the choice of colors indefinitely. But it's best to buy flowers for women that they like. You can ask them about it or trust your observation. Advice may not always help. After all, there are exceptions to every rule. We wish you good luck in the difficult choice of bouquets for your beloved women and are ready to help you. In our online store there are bouquets for every taste, sellers can advise you by phone. Your chosen bouquet will be carefully delivered to the specified address. Contact us, we are waiting for your applications.

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