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The flower market, like everything else in our climate, is subject to seasonality. The four seasons dictate their own rules here too. The most important factor that affects sales is the preferences of buyers, but cold weather practically does not affect the price. In general, the statement that flowers are more expensive in winter is a myth. In this article, we will tell you which flowers are becoming more popular in winter, and we will also refute the established opinion that decorating a winte.. Read more

Если говорить вкратце, то розы символизируют любовь и уважение. Но на самом деле их символизм не так прост, как кажется. Ведь традиция дарить розы существует уже давно. Это самые популярные цветы в мире. Их существование обросло легендами и разными ассоциациями, свойственными представителям разных культур. Например, в некоторых странах белые розы символизируют траур, в других – это цветы деловых мероприятий, в России они означают искренность и невинность. Часто флористы комбинируют белые розы с .. Read more

Floristry attracts many creative people, because it is a special, very interesting and accessible form of art, where the object for realizing the ideas of the creator is fresh flowers. Each composition created by the florist is an artistic expression of such human emotions as love, devotion, gratitude, joy. A bouquet is the most common gift, so florists always have a lot of work to do.What attracts floristry?Anyone can learn this craft.The atmosphere of a constant holiday at work - the scent of .. Read more

Roses are bought more often than other flowers. Not only because they are preferred by most women, but also because they are a classic floral gift, which, by the way, is also given to men. But how to choose a bouquet that will not fade for a long time and, in general, will look dignified at any event? What roses to ask sellers if you need a bouquet that will stand for a long time in a vase and with which you are not ashamed to come to the Queen's reception? About this in this article.There are a.. Read more

An anniversary is a special birthday, so the bouquet should be special. There should be more solemnity in it, one might even say more pathos. Especially if it is supposed to be presented in public, which looks at you and your gift with an appraising glance... Read more


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