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How to choose useful flowers for mom?

When buying a bouquet for mom, we most often focus on her tastes, but we also want to choose something special and useful. Did you know that with the help of a bouquet of flowers or house plants you can really improve human health? According to scientists, flowers can have a beneficial effect on our well-being if they are correctly selected. We suggest you learn how to choose plants as a gift based on their useful properties. It has been scientifically proven that the aroma, as well as the shade of certain flowers, have a beneficial effect on human health. Color therapy has been widely used by experienced healers in ancient China. They used flowers to stimulate the work of various internal organs, as well as to relax the body. Many modern doctors continue this practice, achieving good positive results.

Aromatherapy: what flowers smell not only good, but also healthy?

We turn your attention to three of the most common herbs that can improve your health. Many mothers are often nervous, worried about their children. Children cannot convince them in any way that they are worried in vain. But they can give their mothers flowers that will calm their nervous system. In this sense, a bouquet of daisies can help. The soft, unobtrusive scent of these flowers soothes, improves sleep, normalizes blood pressure, relieves psychological stress, and neutralizes the effects of stress.

If mom has a cold or often complains of a slight discomfort, perhaps ordinary indoor geranium can help her. You can buy it at any flower shop. The smell of geranium is bright, tart, but it prevents the development of a bacterial infection in the body. It has a positive effect on ear inflammations, runny nose, sore throat. To do this, it is enough to grind a geranium leaf in your hand to inhale the healing aroma. Geranium can also have beneficial effects on the nervous system. Surprisingly, if you like the smell of geranium, then you are healthy, but if on the contrary, then your nervous system is overexcited and you need to heal it. If your mom is one of those who cannot help but work, and her profession is related to mental work, a pot of mint on her desktop will be useful to her. It will not only fill the room with the scent of freshness, but will also help to calm down, concentrate on work. You can also try this miracle remedy on yourself by placing mint on your desktop.

How can the color of the bouquet affect your well-being?

Color therapy - a long time ago a well-known method of treatment in psychiatry and neurology, as well as an excellent prevention of various diseases. Scientists have long noticed that the contemplation of certain shades for a long time can greatly affect our body, both positively and negatively. If you give your mother flowers, you need to understand that she will admire them for two long weeks. It is important that their color stimulates her well-being, not the other way around. To do this, you need to know the properties of colors.

Bouquets of red flowers

Suitable if your mom needs a boost of vivacity and energy. A bouquet of red flowers brings strong energy to the house, increases the overall tone of the body and even hormonal levels, including hormones such as adrenaline and norepinephrine. Sex hormones are not excluded. Classic red roses stimulate mental and physical activity, are able to overcome fatigue and apathy, cope with stress, increase immunity.

Bright yellow flowers

Improve mood, activate brain activity. They are able to clarify thoughts, help to cope with depression and give strength to restore the body after a long debilitating illness. Bouquets of tulips, sunflowers, orchids or roses are suitable for yellow therapy.

Green flowers in bouquets

Orchids and hydrangeas can be green. Their buds have a beneficial effect on the nervous system - they stabilize the heartbeat, normalize breathing and pulse. Greens help to concentrate attention, activate thinking abilities, relieve negative emotions.

Blue bouquets

Help to find peace and tranquility. They also help release the sleep hormone melatonin, which is why they are recommended to be placed in the bedroom. If you give your mother a bouquet with lavender or irises, then her sleep will be deep, calm and strong. Also for this purpose, you can buy violets in a pot. In general, blue flowers in combination with green leaves are ideal for normalizing relations with the world.

Lilac and purple flowers in bouquets

Helps relieve daily stress, especially lilacs have done well.

White flowers

Helps to bring mental balance back to normal, providing a strengthening effect on the body and brain. But! Lilies of the valley, snowdrops, white lilies should not be placed in the bedroom. They can cause headaches and dizziness.

The healing properties of indoor flowers

Mom can be given not only bouquets, but also flowers in pots, especially if you know. That she loves to look after them, and this does not bother her, but on the contrary, gives strength. An apartment filled with flowers is always cozy and calm at heart. Houseplants are healers for their owners. This is a well-known fact proven by science for a long time. After all, indoor plants purify the air by releasing phytoncides - substances that can kill pathogenic bacteria. There are indoor flowers. Capable of absorbing heavy metals, reducing electromagnetic radiation damage, or reducing the negative effects of synthetic materials. We can tell you more about these properties so that you can buy a really useful flower for your mother.

The Most Healthy Indoor Plants

  • Chlorophytum is capable of absorbing formaldehydes that are harmful to human health, which are released by synthetic materials.
  • Ivy, sansevieria or mother-in-law's tongue is able to cleanse the air of toxic compounds, as it emits a lot of phytoncides that have bactericidal properties.
  • Geranium, violets, eucalyptus, Kalanchoe, lemon, roses, rosemary - have pronounced bactericidal properties, have a beneficial effect on the health of people with weak lungs or prone to colds.
  • Cacti reduce the ionization of the air created by devices with electromagnetic radiation.
  • The money tree helps relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Indoor bonsai helps to see prophetic dreams, guess the future and even read other people's thoughts, helps to practice meditation.
  • Orchids in pots are able to cleanse the body of their owner, put things in order in the head, calm the nerves.

Many women know how to intuitively identify flowers that will improve their health. Ask what flowers your mother likes, most likely they can be useful to her. Although, in principle, all plants, both in pots and in bouquets, are capable of positively affecting human health. They contribute to the release of hormones of joy, therefore, relieve depression, fatigue, and lift the mood. Give your mothers flowers as often as possible to keep them happier and healthier. You can buy flowers for mom with home delivery in our online store in Moscow. Call and order, we will be happy to help you!

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