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Flowers for dad


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


35 cм

35 cм

4 350


Red roses "Aphrodite"


50 cм

40 cм

3 800


Bouquet "Cosmopolitan"


40 cм

30 cм

3 250
-8 %
Irises blue "River Bank"


45 cм

35 cм

4 250 ₽
3 890
-6 %
Yellow roses "Radiant"


30 cм

30 cм

6 200 ₽
5 850
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Male flowers - this phrase seems ridiculous. Nevertheless, they exist - delphinium, irises, amaryllis, anthurium, calla lilies, gladioli. It is believed that a masculine bouquet can be assembled in the shape of a cone or an arrow. In general, the shape should not be round.

The colors of a man's bouquet are usually monochrome. It is preferable to choose dark colors - burgundy, blue. Yellow and orange are also good. The main thing is that there is no hint of romance here - delicate pastel shades are unacceptable for men's bouquets.

buy flowers for dad

A bouquet with a twist

A highlight or unusual element in a bouquet for dad can be:

  • exotic flower - strelitzia is often included in men's bouquets;
  • packaging - a wooden box for tools for example;
  • a gastronomic addition to flowers - sweets, fruits.

Seasonal bouquet

  • A winter bouquet for men may not include any flowers at all, except for cotton, spruce branches, tangerines, cones, rowan berries, and so on look great with it.
  • In spring, dad can be given purple tulips or hyacinths.
  • In summer, flowers can be diluted with berries and placed in a basket.
  • Fruit is often added to bouquets in autumn.

Roses for Dad

People involved in art often receive flowers as a gift. At the Oscars, all actors are presented with the same bouquets, both women and men. On anniversaries and big holidays, now quite often men are presented with roses. For dad, it is preferable to choose burgundy, blue, yellow or orange buds. Packaging for roses in a man's bouquet is not used. For convenience, flowers can be tied with a ribbon.

Where to buy flowers for a man?

Not every store has men's bouquets, it is better to contact the one with a large assortment, otherwise you will be offered the most common version of the bouquet, which is recommended for both women and men - roses and chrysanthemums. However, this versatile set is not suitable for the person for whom you want to find something special. A man's bouquet for dad can be chosen and inexpensively bought in our online store Call and order, we will be happy to help you!

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