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Flowers for September 1


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One of the happiest and brightest holidays - the day of knowledge is never complete without flowers for teachers. On this day, the classes turn into the blossoming gardens of Babylon. Parents try to find flowers for the child in advance so that he can go to school, so to speak, in full dress.

Enterprising gardeners, flower markets, florist salons often become suppliers of September bouquets. Orders also cause a rush in online stores. Providing flowers to every student is not an easy task, but the industry as a whole is doing it. & Nbsp; However, there are also disadvantages. I would like to draw the attention of parents so that they take into account some of the nuances when choosing a bouquet for their child.

buy flowers for September 1 in Moscow

What to look for when choosing a bouquet?

  1. For the number of flower containers in the class teacher's office. In an average class of 25 students, if everyone brings a bouquet, how many buckets and vases are needed? We solve the problem together. Let's make September 1st easier for the teacher and get a bouquet in a box or basket. You don't have to move it into a vase, change the water, cut the stems of plants, just water it.
  2. If you still want a classic bouquet for your child without baskets and boxes, arrange it so that it is compact.
  3. Order a bouquet in advance, no matter where, in an online store, from a friend's grandmother, from neighbors in the country, otherwise you may be left without flowers at all. Flowers can be cut ahead of time and put in the refrigerator in the fruit and greens section at a temperature not lower than plus four degrees, or put in cool water.
  4. Please note that school bouquets are often created in such a way that the stems of plants do not stick out in different directions, they are tied tightly with a ribbon so as not to stain the student's smart suit and not to scratch anyone.

Stylized bouquets

September 1 is not only a day of knowledge, but also the first day of autumn. Therefore, atmospheric autumn bouquets look very impressive in the hands of children. They can be supplemented with various unusual accessories, dried flowers, berries, fruits, yellow leaves. These little things cheer up not only schoolchildren, but also teachers.

What flowers to choose for the teacher?

The queen of autumn bouquets is chrysanthemum. Teachers on this day can also give bouquets with dark peonies, burgundy or red. Calla lilies, roses and gerberas, decorative sunflowers look beautiful. Each of these colors has a different meaning.

  • Chrysanthemums are a wish for health and longevity;
  • Peonies - wish for wealth;
  • Callas - express the desire to please;
  • Roses - symbolize respect;
  • Decorative sunflowers - the joy of meeting;
  • Gerberas - friendship and affection.

Florists do not recommend bouquets with lilies, these are the most allergenic flowers. Since there are many students in the class they will be standing in, it is best to refrain from buying them.

In our online store in Moscow, you can inexpensively order home delivery a beautiful autumn or school bouquet with appropriate accessories, you can also order flowers from us by the piece and make a beautiful bouquet yourself with your child. We wish you good luck in the new academic year!

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