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Flowers for New Year


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Bouquet of white roses "Angelica"


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Bouquet "Cosmopolitan"


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Bouquet of peonies "Native"


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Peonies box "Perfection"


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New Year Bouquets

Presenting flowers for the new year is a great idea. A beautiful atmospheric gift will be a decoration of a hall or a festive table. You can buy a flower arrangement for the new year or make it yourself. There are a lot of advantages in both cases. In the first, you will save time. In the second, you will keep your children and other family members engaged in a useful and interesting activity.


First feature - the presence of New Year's floristic paraphernalia, such as:

  • Lapnik
  • Christmas balls
  • Cones
  • Tinsel
  • Tangerines
  • Lollipops
  • Sequins

The second feature is the color scheme. New Year's compositions are dominated by red, green, blue, white, light blue, gold and silver colors. It is they who make us feel like a winter holiday. This is due to their symbolism. Red - symbolizes the Christmas star, blue - night, silvery and golden glitter of snow, white - winter, blue - frost. There is room for imagination and creativity.

What flowers are suitable for a New Year's bouquet?

Coniferous branches go well with large buds. Therefore, it will be a good decision to add roses, lilies, orchids to the New Year's composition. Lilies look like stars. Red, white and blue roses add romance. Orchid is a mystical flower that feels great surrounded by coniferous branches.

Who can get a New Year's bouquet?

  • Family friends
  • Parents
  • Colleagues
  • Girl
  • Zhenya
  • Mom

Why is it not customary in Russia to give bouquets for the New Year?

This tradition did not have time to take root, because until recently there were few flowers that bloomed in winter and would be hardy enough for the January frosts. Five or six years ago, it was difficult to get a bouquet in winter, so flowers did not have time to become a traditional gift. Now everything is different.

In Europe, in countries with a relatively mild climate, New Year's bouquets with holly, hypericuum, Christmas star Poinsettia, spruce branches, pine cones have long been popular as gifts and decorations for the table and the hall.

Which bouquet to choose for a girl?

It is better for a girl to buy a bouquet with fresh flowers. Just for sale compositions and without flowers. They are less romantic and more suitable for a gift to friends. In order for the flowers not to freeze and delight your darling for a long time, it is better to order them with delivery to your home in Moscow.

Flowers are a very symbolic gift. They are associated with fragile beauty and joy. Giving flowers is important to remind your loved ones that they are dear and loved to you.

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