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Bouquets from 1000 to 2000 rubles


-7 %
Bouquet of white roses "Angelica"


60 cм

35 cм

1 700 ₽
1 580
-7 %
Hydrangea in craft "Snowdon"


50 cм

30 cм

2 000 ₽
1 850


White roses "Blanca"


50 cм

30 cм

1 400


Pink tulips "Ibiza"


30 cм

20 cм

1 700
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Buy flowers from 1000 rubles

It is impossible to directly link the price of flowers to the quality of the bouquet, let alone more, with its meaning. A cheap bouquet can be as good as an expensive and chic one. Its main advantage is the expression of spontaneous feelings, a sudden idea to please someone, sometimes even without any reason. Our bouquets for 1000 rubles can express feelings that have no price! We offer a wide selection of affordable options for bouquets from the same fresh and fragrant flowers as in more expensive ones. Simple design - that's all that distinguishes them from their "richer" brethren.

The Jewel of Cheapness

There are situations when there is no opportunity to buy more expensive flowers. But our bouquets can always be proudly carried and gladly given and received. It's worth remembering about color options for 1000 rubles if:

  • We are talking about children's and teenage congratulations to teachers, educators, classmates. Presenting expensive bouquets is sometimes just tactless, because only such a bouquet can be given by a child from his pocket money. And it will only be his flowers, his feelings.
  • When a team needs to congratulate a large group of people at once. It is better to buy flowers here cheaper than to forget someone and ignore them.
  • Ask the happiest people what was the most memorable occasion for which they were presented with flowers. The answer will be: "Just like that!" A cheap bouquet "just like that" can be given very often. This means that your loved ones will be among the happy people.

Lovely cheap fresh flower bouquets will be delivered by the same free service and just as on time as the expensive ones. Hurry to order them by phone +7 (495) 236 72 47 in our store, remembering that the cheap is often priceless!

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