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The most expensive is the most expensive

There are times when the arguments of practicality give way to an avalanche of feelings, when the time has come to show royal generosity. These situations will later be remembered as the most touching, they are able to turn life and become the beginning of a significant stage in a relationship that you want to improve endlessly. For them, no one will regret even rather large sums. An expensive bouquet of flowers from our store can influence a lot, demonstrate the highest degree of feelings that you are capable of. “My love is huge, like this bouquet” - this will sound convincing: our dear flowers are not only fresh and beautiful. There are many, very many! Let it be expensive to buy such a luxurious bouquet - it will be worth it.

Love in a suite of a thousand roses

An expensive bouquet is a symbol of the fact that you will not regret anything for the sake of the person to whom it is intended. Not all expensive flowers can melt the heart and prove the importance of what is happening. The features of our offerings in this price segment are the combination of impressive quantity with unsurpassed quality. This means that 101, 201, 301, 501 and even 1001 roses in an expensive bouquet are fresh, flawless, and amazingly, just inconceivably homogeneous. How is the striking harmony of the flower choir achieved?

  • Our florists know many flower secrets, but even they cannot make two flowers the same. And they painstakingly choose, only thus achieving the fact that the bouquet appears as a single whole.
  • The superb precision of the eyes and hands of designers to the millimeter verifies the position of the flower in a composition or bouquet, achieving a smooth surface of fragrant petals.
  • Large supplies provide the opportunity to create such floristic wonders, you can be sure that no choir member waits for others to languish in the refrigerator.

Joy for a long time, love forever

Many of these bouquets are difficult to hold. All the better! Having bought expensive flowers, you will enjoy a feast for the eyes for a long time, knowing that the base of the bouquet consists of a spongy carrier that allows the flowers to last for a long time. Many people remember the complicated tricks with dipping roses in the bath for the night. You do not have to bathe flowers for a long time - our florists took care of them and your comfort, creating compositions that are long-livers in the world of bouquets.

There is an alternative to roses!

The queen of flowers has many rivals! Our high-end bouquets are not only made of roses. Gerberas, peonies and sunflowers are used to create them. There are countless situations when it is better to prefer these flowers. Of course, the main one is your knowledge of which flower is the favorite of the addressee of your bouquet. In addition, strong feelings are not always romantic love. A huge bouquet can be presented to a friend on the day of triumphant success in work, to a child who won a competition or competition after long hard work, to a close relative on the day of the anniversary.

Flowers at your feet

It is better not to try to transport large, chic and often very massive bouquets on your own: it is reasonable to entrust this work to our delivery service, especially knowing that it is free and ready to deliver the order around the clock - to you or directly to the one for whom you decided to buy expensive flowers ... We will bring flowers to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region exactly at the appointed time, keep this in mind if you plan to surprise someone!

Expensive but easy!

It is not at all difficult to buy an expensive bouquet - right here, on our website or by phone +7 (495) 236 72 47. The quality of our flowers and the skill of the florists will convince you that the money was not wasted, and the joyful shock from these bouquets takes a long time will be remembered. You can easily order the most impressive bouquet from us, and upon receiving it someone will know what is dearer to you than all flowers on earth.

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