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Flowers in a box


Pink orchid "Aura"


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Tulips in a box "JLo"


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buy flowers in a box in Moscow

A bouquet of flowers in a box is the most common gift at any holiday. You can choose a luxurious wedding box, elegant to congratulate your girlfriend on her birthday, or a miniature one for a first date - the assortment is very diverse. Bouquets in boxes are very popular due to their practicality. & Nbsp;

The main advantage of a flower arrangement in a box is that it does not need to be rearranged into a vase. That is, it can be taken to a cafe or restaurant, to an outdoor event or to an office, where no flower vases are provided. Flowers in a box are laid in a floral sponge. It is impregnated with a special solution that ensures the flowers have a long life. & Nbsp;

Caring for flowers in a box is very simple. They only need to be watered once every two days. Watering is best done in the middle of the composition. Getting flowers out of the box is strongly discouraged. So you violate the integrity of the composition, you will not be able to put the flower back - it will stop receiving nutrients. & Nbsp;

There are moments in life when a miniature bouquet will come in handy. A small bouquet in a box can be a sign of support. & Nbsp; On a first date with flowers, it's easier to start a conversation. & Nbsp; You can order flowers in a box in our online store in Moscow with home delivery.

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