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Bouquets of tulips


Summer bouquet "Lawn"


35 cм

35 cм

4 350


Tulips in a box "JLo"


30 cм

30 cм

4 950


White tulips "Crystal"


40 cм

60 cм

9 900
Tulips "Salute"


40 cм

35 cм

9 850


Pink tulips "Malvina"


30 cм

20 cм

3 350
-26 %
Tulips and irises "Sea Breeze"


35 cм

30 cм

4 400 ₽
3 250
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купить  тюльпаны в москве

A bouquet of tulips brings the mood of spring and change. But besides, it is a symbol of tender and disinterested love. Many legends are associated with its origin, and they all tell about youth, loyalty and devotion.

In Russia, the tulip is most often perceived as a spring flower. It is associated with the arrival of warmth and bright sun. A bouquet of tulips in hands is the best decoration created by nature for a woman in spring. Buy a bouquet of tulips for your loved one. This is the easiest step towards joy.

We are used to the fact that tulips have one row of petals. But it's not always the case. Tulips have several varieties and types. On sale you can see peony or double tulips. They have several rows of petals. These are gorgeous flowers that would be appropriate to present at a very festive event, for example, at a wedding.

If you want to surprise a loved one, order fringed tulips as a gift. These flowers have a fluffy fringe on the petals. Parrot tulips look very exotic, like birds of paradise. They have two petals turned outward and resemble wings. You can order tulips in our online store in Moscow with home delivery.

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