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20 tulips

Tulips "Heart"


30 cм

30 cм

6 050
Box "Spring Joy"


15 cм

20 cм

4 500


Mix of tulips "Carousel"


40 cм

35 cм

4 550


Colored tulips "Flirt"


35 cм

25 cм

3 850
"Tutti-Frutti" Kit


30 cм

25 cм

6 550


Bouquet "Spring Time"


40 cм

30 cм

4 850

A bouquet of 20 tulips is an inexpensive but very practical gift. Tulips can be gifted to children, men and women. They have no age or gender restrictions. Tulips symbolize love and passion. They patronize the addicted natures.

20 tulips is an elegant and beautiful bouquet. It can be presented as a birthday present, for a wedding, for any other celebration or family holiday. On sale you can find tulips of all colors of the rainbow, even green. Bouquets of them can be bright, delicate or strict - for every taste.

Psychologists note that people who like tulips can be self-centered, emotional and amorous. These are passionate natures, capable of completely devote themselves to their beloved work without a trace. When choosing tulips, pay attention to their color.

What does tulip color mean?

  • Red tulips symbolize a declaration of love or a compliment. Good for a first date.
  • Yellow is a symbol of sunlight, you can give them to friends or colleagues, anyone you want to make happy, because yellow is the most positive color in the spectrum.
  • Pink tulips are usually given to young girls, they symbolize romance and youth.
  • White stands for honesty, sincerity, responsiveness. Can be donated at a business event.
  • Lilac - spirituality, contemplation, will surely appeal to those who like to watch the sunset for a long time.
  • Purple is a symbol of reliability and protection. They will make a beautiful man's bouquet.

You can buy tulips in any florist salon or order with home delivery. They can be wrapped in foil, paper, netting, tied with tape or placed in a basket. If you are planning an outdoor event, then it is better to choose the latter option, since a special sponge soaked in water is placed on the bottom of the basket. Thus, flowers do not have to be rearranged in a vase and they can do without watering for a long time.

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