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Pink tulips

Pink tulips

Pink tulips are among the most sought after. This is due to their versatility - they can be a wonderful gift for any occasion, as well as "fit" into any interior. They will fill the room with a romantic mood. Pink is a positive color associated with dawn, youth and beauty.

Usually people imagine pink tulips unambiguously and boring in the form of delicate or bright oval-shaped buds. In fact, the world of pink tulips is much more diverse than it might seem. These flowers can be used to decorate any celebration, from an ordinary date to an engagement, wedding or anniversary. They can be romantic, bright, delicate, lush, exotic or laconic. And now we will show you this in a photo and tell you.

Diverse world of pink tulips

Double varieties of pink tulips are distinguished by a large number of petals. They are not five, not six, but dozens. In addition to the six main petals, there are two additional rows. They look fabulous and are great for decorating events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays.

Triumph tulips are the toughest of all. They have powerful goblet buds. Although they have only six petals, it is worth noting that these are the most symmetrical buds on earth. They look truly solemn. No wonder they are called "Triumph". You can see for yourself their beauty by looking at photos with bouquets of them on the banquet table. & Nbsp;

Among pink tulips, there are so-called Darwin hybrids. What is the difference? Firstly, the bud is quite large - it can exceed 10 cm, and secondly, they are usually two-colored. Try to decorate a corporate party with such flowers, take with you to a meeting with a girl, and you will feel their magic on yourself.

Unusual and exotic varieties of pink tulips

The lily-colored varieties are especially worth highlighting. They look like lilies. They have graceful elongated petals turned outward. There is nothing more sophisticated for a birthday present for a bride or mom. They can also be presented as a gift for the birth of a girl. But finding them on sale is not easy. They are not widespread. Therefore, the gift will turn out to be really exotic.

Have you seen many flowers with fringed petals? Perhaps only tulips can boast of such an ornament. They are called so - fringed. In addition to chic buds, their pride is a long stem, which reaches 70 centimeters. A bouquet of fringed tulips can be called a truly amazing gift. After all, these flowers are a miracle of nature.

But the most exotic tulips are parrot tulips. Their buds resemble exotic birds in shape. They have uneven crumpled petals, some like wings. They have a very bright color. Hence the name. & nbsp; If you want to surprise someone, look for these flowers, because there are probably no more amazing and rare ones.

What does it mean and to whom is it customary to give?

Pink tulips are a symbol of peace, harmony, love and tenderness. A bouquet of these flowers is able to say what you hesitate to express in words. It can mean:

  1. hope for a relationship, for rapprochement, for closer communication;
  2. the romance of the donor;
  3. emphasizing female beauty, dignity, compliment;
  4. declaration of love or sympathy.

A bouquet of pink tulips can be presented for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, for the birth of a girl, as a sign of reconciliation, as gratitude, on a first date, for a wedding.

Where can I buy pink tulips?

We will help you find tulips of the most diverse, even exotic varieties. Order them in our online store in Moscow, we organize delivery within the entire Russian Federation. The tariffs can be found on our website. Contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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