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Peony tulips

Peony tulips

It is worth talking about peony tulips separately, if only because they have recently become very popular. Florists widely use them in the composition of bouquets for various purposes. Including weddings. The appearance, as well as the decorative properties of these flowers, are so high that they can also decorate a royal reception. The choice of colors is amazing. All this together made them one of the most popular flowers in floristry in recent years.

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Most popular varieties

If you want to decorate your interior, holiday or wedding with these tulips, you will have to order them by the piece. To do this, check out the most popular varieties that are most widely distributed on the market.

The most advertised this year were "Endless Love", "Margarita" and "Silesta". Their advantages are color, large bud and endurance, which allows them to decorate gardens, rooms or give them.

However, for fans of peonies, it is worth noting that the tulrane of the Monte Carlo variety looks the most like a peony. These flowers fully open in the sun, when it gets dark or it starts to rain, they hide their petals, collecting them in a tight bud.

General characteristics

Peony tulips have many more petals than ordinary ones - not 6, but about 25 pieces. They can be of different heights. This should be taken into account when buying. Distinguish between tall, medium and dwarf peony tulips. The first can reach 50 cm in length, the second - 35, the third - only 10.


  • beautiful and lush bud;
  • can be used not only for making bouquets, but also for decorating party halls and home interiors all year round;
  • endurance, they endure cold weather, so they can be used to decorate spring weddings in the open air, when there is still frost at night.

You can buy a bouquet of peony tulips, as well as flowers per piece in our online store in Moscow with home delivery. We have a large selection of bouquets for up to three thousand rubles. The shipping rates can be found on the website. You can place your order around the clock.

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