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Bouquets of 11 tulips

In the online store "Flower delivery »You can buy a bouquet of 11 tulips of different colors and varieties. Customers are offered different payment methods. In addition to cash and bank cards, you can pay using electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, PayPal, PayOnline, Net Pay). If the cost of the goods exceeds 10,000 rubles, an advance payment is required. Delivery of flower arrangements at night is possible. To do this, you need to place an order before 22:00.

Meaning of a bouquet of 11 tulips

The number 11 symbolizes change. Such a bouquet can be presented to a girl for her 18th birthday, because it is during this period that she finishes school and is determined which specialty to choose. It is also suitable for congratulating a colleague on a promotion or a business partner on a new deal.

Assigned to the number 11 and another value. It symbolizes friendship. With a bouquet of 11 tulips, you can congratulate a loved one on their birthday, present them for no reason. Such a present will tell the girl that the giver values ​​the relationship with her.

Plays the role and color of the bud of the ornamental plant. A red bouquet of 11 pieces of tulips is perfect for a declaration of love. A colleague or boss should present a composition made in orange, white or purple colors. You can give your mom a pink bouquet wrapped in craft paper.

Florists of the online store "Delivery of Flowers" use:

  • various packaging materials (organza, sisal, kraft paper, mesh);
  • decorative elements (satin ribbons, chocolates, toys).

They complement the bouquets with postcards, helium balloons, messages.

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