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101 tulip

buy 101 tulips in moscow

A bouquet of 101 tulips is a luxurious gift for an anniversary, anniversary, birthday or any other occasion. You can present 101 tulips to both a woman and a man. The recipient's age is also not important. However, you should pay attention to the color of the buds.

Tulips symbolize sympathy, but their meaning is also influenced by color. It is customary to give red and pink flowers on a romantic occasion, yellow - a gift for a friend or girlfriend, purple flowers can be presented to a man, burgundy - to a woman who is older or higher than you in rank or status.

There are many varieties of tulips on sale. Pay attention to peony tulips. They have not one row of petals, like ordinary ones, but several. These flowers look especially luxurious and will perfectly fit into a wedding ceremony as a gift for newlyweds.

Fringed tulips look interesting - they have a fringe at the end of the petals, which is generally not typical for other flowers. This gift will delight the recipient who values originality. Parrot tulips look even more impressive, two of the petals are curved in such a way that they resemble the wings of exotic birds.

You can order 101 tulips with delivery to your home or office in our online store in Moscow. The cost of bouquets may vary. There are options that are inexpensive, and for the most special occasion there are always VIP compositions on sale.

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