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15 tulips

A bouquet of 15 tulips can be gifted to anyone in any setting and any context. Thanks to modern logistics, we can buy these beautiful flowers at any time of the year. In the spring, on the eve of March 8, they are in high demand, and the price for them is much lower than in summer and autumn.

Most tulips come to Russia from Holland, although they are also grown in Russia. It is not difficult to buy a bouquet of 15 tulips. The easiest way is to order online. The price depends on their variety, number of buds and packaging.

On sale you can find tulips of all colors of the rainbow, including green. Pink is best for girls, white, red, lilac, yellow, orange - can be given to both women and men.

What do tulips symbolize?

A gift of red tulips symbolizes passion, and not only in romantic overtones. Tulips are suitable for people who are able to fully devote themselves to work, hobby or favorite business. This arrangement of white tulips is perfect for a gift to business partners or to decorate a meeting room.

Purple tulips are a symbol of reliability. A mono-composition of them can be safely presented to men, people in high positions or those who are very dear to you. Yellow tulips are a symbol of the spring sun. Yellow is the happiest color in the spectrum. If you want to make someone happy, give a bouquet of yellow flowers.

Psychologists note that people who like tulips can be self-centered, amorous, emotional. They know how to be in the center of attention, are always optimistic and attract people. However, they can be touchy. Don't point them out to them.

Tulips can be wrapped in paper, netting, foil, tied with a ribbon or put in a basket. Flowers in a basket are a very practical gift. A special floristic sponge is placed at its bottom, so they can go without watering for a long time, they do not need to be rearranged in a vase.

Tulips for interior decoration

15 tulips is not only a versatile bouquet for a gift, but also a wonderful stylish interior decoration. Thanks to its thin leg, not burdened with a large number of petals, the tulip will look great in any container - from a bottle to a basket.

In the spring, these flowers are sold in abundance not only in shops, but also in markets, public transport stops and in the metro. We often pass by, but in vain. After all, flowers can make the atmosphere of our home much more comfortable.

Yellow tulips can illuminate the living room like the sun. Reds will add romance to the bedroom. The whites will look great on the dining table. With a little imagination, these inexpensive flowers can be used to decorate any room for a holiday, such as a birthday.

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