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Bridal bouquet of tulips

Many brides order for yourself bouquets of tulips. Seasonal flower arrangements are now very popular. To create the desired look, you can order tulips of all possible shades, even green. But most of all white and soft pink buds are in demand.

From live tulips, you can create a classic round bouquet, disheveled with the addition of greenery or shaggy. Tulips can be combined with other spring flowers. There are really many options, thanks to this florists have adopted these flowers.

In terms of symbolism, which is important to many brides, tulips symbolize strong love and passion. In the Middle East, there is a legend about the origin of these flowers. It is associated with the deep and sincere feelings of a young boy for a girl. His love was so strong that he was ready to sacrifice his life for her.

The symbolism of tulips depends on the color of the buds. The composition of red tulips is associated with passion, white - with sincerity, pink - youth, green - hope, purple and blue - loyalty, yellow and orange - care and warmth.

In Moscow, you can order any tulip composition with delivery. When buying these flowers, it is good to know that they bloom quickly and wither in the warmth. It is better to choose half-open buds. Tulip stems give off a thick sap that can stain your dress. Florists handle them and tie them tight with tape to prevent this from happening. We advise you to order a bouquet from professionals to avoid such incidents.

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