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Multicolored tulips

Tulips "Heart"


30 cм

30 cм

5 350
Box "Spring Joy"


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3 850


Mix of tulips "Carousel"


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Colored tulips "Flirt"


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3 150

Colorful tulips in March are a cheerful spring gift, a harbinger of warm sunny days. In spring, these flowers can be a wonderful seasonal bouquet for interior decoration. Many brides choose them for their bouquet in March, April and May.

In the summer, tulips will also help create a mood. On sale they can be found in all colors of the rainbow, even green. Bright flowers will decorate the festive table, become a lovely gift and cheer up.

A bouquet of multi-colored tulips is a universal gift. These flowers can be gifted to men and women of all ages. It is a good gift for a wedding or anniversary. A modest bouquet will come in handy on a first date. You can buy colorful tulips to congratulate you on your professional holiday.

Psychologists note that tulips are liked by egocentric people who love and know how to be in the spotlight. They are always positive, optimistic, and therefore attract people. However, tulip lovers may be touchy and should not point out the drawbacks to them.

Tulips symbolize passion and love. They patronize people who are addicted, those who have a favorite hobby, those who are absorbed in work or family. In the Middle East, there is a legend about the origin of these flowers. She, of course, talks about love, to which people are ready to devote their whole life and even sacrifice it.

Meaning of tulips by color

  • white tulips symbolize sincerity, purity, honesty;
  • yellow - friendly attitude, joy of meeting;
  • red - declaration of love, compliment;
  • pink - love, youth;
  • lilac - contemplation, spirituality;
  • green - hope, faith;
  • purple - reliability, support.

Tulip wedding

No wedding is complete without flowers. In spring, colorful tulips can be a great inexpensive decoration for a banquet hall or table. They can also be the leitmotif of the entire design. There are three huge benefits to a tulip wedding:

  1. is cheap;
  2. looks beautiful, bright, which means it will be remembered for a long time;
  3. looks status.

Tulips can be used to decorate more than just a classic wedding. If you place flowers in wicker baskets or artificially aged wooden boxes, then such attributes will already become a decoration in the style of French Provence. Tulips can be used for vintage weddings by placing them in porcelain or glass vases. In general, these flowers give a great start for creativity.

You can buy multi-colored tulips individually or in a composition. Tulips can be tied with ribbon, wrapped in paper or cloth. There are also tulips in hat boxes and baskets. This gift is perfect for a first date or an outing event, as you don't have to put them in a vase or water them for the first time.

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