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Yellow tulips

Yellow tulips are a positive gift. Yellow is frozen sunlight. It is considered the happiest on the spectrum. Why? Because the sun is a universal symbol of well-being, joy, warmth in all cultures.

buy yellow tulips in Moscow

However, the most common question when buying flowers is whether to give a woman yellow tulips, because they are the" messengers of separation. " What if the chosen one turns out to be superstitious?

The answer is simple - if you doubt the romance of this gift, do not give it for this purpose. Yellow tulips can be given not only to the beloved, but also to mom, aunt, mother-in-law, sister, friend, teacher, and so on.

When can you give yellow tulips?

  • Happy Birthday
  • At the end of the school year
  • On the day of a medical worker and other professional holidays
  • 8 March
  • On the first day of spring
  • Anniversary
  • Just like that
  • Housewarming

Packaging - how to choose?

Packaging sometimes plays an important role in a gift. It shows the relationship of the donor to the recipient. Opt for original wrapped flowers if you are going to a birthday party. If you are giving a gift as a thank you, you can choose a more concise option.

If you are going to a party where there will be many guests, buy compositions in an oasis or a floral sponge. That is, it can be a hat box, an envelope, a basket. Or it could be an art bouquet already in a vase. Then you can be sure that your flowers will not fade. After all, not all bouquets may have enough containers. Therefore, sometimes it is better to bring your own.

Tulips for special occasions

It happens that gorgeous flowers are needed - this is a wedding, anniversary, or a very solemn event. In this case, we offer special tulips - peony tulips. They have not one row of petals, but several. They also look lush and rich, like peonies or roses. But at the same time, they have their own, characteristic only of these colors, laconic charm and attractiveness.

These flowers can also be used for a bridal bouquet. Their advantages are juicy color and strict forms. The bouquet will look perfect, especially if an even hemisphere is required. Perfect for a summer or spring wedding. This bouquet symbolizes the sun.

A bit of history

For those who like to dig deep and go into details: a tulip in the language of flowers means love. In the East, there are many legends associated with flowers. The Middle East is considered the birthplace of tulips. So here it is believed that tulips grew in the place where, suffering from unrequited love, the ardent young man threw himself into the abyss and crashed. This is the kind of love they symbolize, sacrificial, passionate, sincere.

Where can I buy yellow tulips?

You can order yellow tulips in our online store in Moscow with delivery to the door of your house, apartment or office. We sell not only ready-made compositions, but also flowers by the piece.

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