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Tulips in a box

Tulips in hat boxes look unusual and elegant. This is a real lifesaver if you need to congratulate a person whose tastes you do not know. This is a diplomatic and tactful gift for a colleague at work, an acquaintance, a distant relative. Tulips in a box can be presented as a sign of appreciation, gratitude, as a compliment.

A tulip does not carry the same semantic meaning as roses, peonies or, for example, eustoma. They don’t make unnecessary hints of romance when it’s not required. & Nbsp; Moreover, the choice of tulips is very large. They differ in color, shape of buds.

How to choose tulips?

buy tulips in a box in moscow

We recommend choosing tulips by color. In our store you will not be offered to buy stale flowers, so we will not bother ourselves and write signs of fading flowers.

  • Yellow tulips are not signs of separation - they are symbols of creative solar energy. Present them to a person who is engaged in music, dancing, drawing as a recognition of their creative success.
  • White tulips symbolize sincerity; they can be gifted to a business partner;
  • Purple tulips - symbolize mystery, if a girl is interested in esotericism, she will surely like them.
  • Pink tulips mean joy, youth, delight. They can be presented to a young colleague.
  • Red tulips symbolize love. They are usually presented at romantic get-togethers. They are perfect for a first date.
  • Mixed bouquets of tulips in a box can be presented with the wish of happiness, good mood and health.

How to care for a bouquet in a hat box?

A bouquet in a hat box is a very practical gift. The flowers do not have to be rearranged in a vase, because they are already placed in a special floral oasis sponge soaked in special substances that prolong the life of the bouquet. It is generally not recommended to take flowers out of the box. Therefore, they do not need to be trimmed. The only thing that needs to be done is to water it daily. Tulips are not the hardiest flowers. After cutting, they can stand for only a week or a little more. At the same time, it is not recommended to place them in open sunlight or near heating appliances. Water with cold water.

Where can I buy?

You can order tulips in a hat box with delivery to the door of your house, apartment or office in our online store in Moscow. Delivery is possible throughout the Russian Federation. The prices can be found on our website. Call and order, we will be happy to help you!

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