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Roses for Valentine's Day


Spray roses "Jennifer"


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Bouquet of red roses "Venus"


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101 Roses "Real Love"


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Heart in a box "My Love"


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Flowers for Valentine's Day

Not all men are ready to declare passion, many seek to bestow tenderness on their beloved, warm her heart with a piece of their warmth. This is especially nice on frosty February days.

To cheer up and truly decorate the holiday, it is not necessary to look for roses. In Moscow, even at this time of the year, you can buy flowers for every taste. It can be:

tulips. The earliest varieties appear just in early February. They remind of the approach of spring, the awakening of nature. Not a single woman will remain indifferent, having received as a gift a magnificent bouquet of touching buds with a delicate, subtle aroma;

orchid. Mysterious and graceful, she resembles a mysterious female nature, strict and impregnable. In cold latitudes, this flower is especially loved, it reminds of hot exotic countries and summer travels;

gerbera. It looks like a miniature sun. Large inflorescences with bright petals warm the soul even on the most rainy days, so in February a bouquet of bright gerberas will come in handy;

lily. Royal flower, which is presented to young ladies as a sign of respect, purity and innocence;

eustoma. It is also called the French rose. Like a true "Frenchwoman" she is gentle and capricious. The flower symbolizes nobility and beauty.

How to surprise a girl with a pleasant surprise

A bouquet that will bring many pleasant moments and remain in memory for a long time can be bought quite inexpensively.

You can order a mono-bouquet or arrange a flower mix. Bright shiny plain paper, beads and ribbons look beautiful as decor. Special chic - compositions in hat boxes.

Wanting to bring a little intrigue to the holiday, many men arrange a gift with delivery from an anonymous admirer. The main thing is to show a little imagination and listen to the opinion of florists.

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