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Flowers for mom's birthday


Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Bouquet "Peony Summer"


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Pink orchid "Aura"


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Tulips in a box "JLo"


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White tulips "Crystal"


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Hydrangea in craft "Snowdon"


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Like choose flowers for mom for birthday?

On a birthday, you always want to please and surprise your mother so that she is amazed by the beauty, luxury or grace of a gift. If the mother has certain preferences, then this is easier to do. But mothers are often shy and do not want to burden their children with their desires. Where can I find such a bouquet to please my mother's taste?

In order to choose the right bouquet for any person, you need to make his psychological portrait. This will help match the color and variety of flowers. If you come to a flower salon and ask a florist to help you choose flowers for your mom for her birthday, you will definitely be asked to tell what kind of person she is, what she does, what she loves ...

How to choose a bouquet according to a person's character?

People's tastes often depend on their temperaments. There are only four types of it - choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. Which one does your mom belong to?

Choleric people are easily excitable, active people. They can be recognized by their quick, sharp movements, the manner of hastily speaking, and managing to do several things at the same time. They feel good in noisy companies. It is believed that such people like and suit bright saturated colors. Choose for them colorful flower arrangements of small buds, for example, spray roses or freesias.

Melancholic people are easily vulnerable, calm personalities, often introverts. They love to dream and relax in solitude. They tend to be creative, very sensitive. They can be distinguished from the crowd by their concentrated facial expressions, it seems to others that they are often sad, although this is far from the case. Melancholic people can have a very rich inner world. Such people prefer calm, watery shades - blue, lilac, blue. They will also love the dreamy pink. They do not like flashy, acid colors. A bouquet for a melancholic should be as "lively" as possible - with greenery, a little disheveled, like a piece of a meadow or a blooming garden.

If your mom she is often calm and even imperturbable, if it seems to you that it is difficult to piss her off, if she always speaks in an even voice, most likely she is phlegmatic. These are people who are really difficult to get worried, at least outwardly it will not be noticeable. Phlegmatic people are slow, cannot take on several things at once, but they do everything carefully and bring everything to the end. Such people like deep, rich, but not flashy colors. Most likely, flowers with large buds, such as peonies, will suit them. Buy a bouquet for them in a basket or box, they are less hassle, they do not need to be rearranged in a vase.

Sanguine are born leaders. They often manage to command, they achieve success in their activities, they are purposeful, they can always orient themselves in the situation, they do not get lost in a rapidly changing environment. They are often surrounded by like-minded people and friends. In the crowd, they can be distinguished by a confident smile that does not leave your face even in moments of despair. It is believed that sanguine people prefer calm shades. They may like both mono compositions and mixed ones. Perhaps yellow or orange shades of buds are suitable for them, for example, compositions with sunny sunflowers or peach roses.

The choice of a bouquet may depend on the field of human activity

Genus activity also affects tastes. If your mom is a teacher, don't give her gladioli and chrysanthemums. She associates these flowers with work, not family. Moms involved in the creative field will prefer unusual flowers, an extraordinary approach to a gift. They will love orchids, blue roses, eustomas. Mothers working in the office will be delighted with living plants with greenery, because they probably lack this in everyday life. If your mother loves a summer cottage, plants her own flower beds, and has a lot of living plants at home, choose a flower in a pot for her. Another masterpiece in her man-made garden will come in handy. It is believed that head moms love the queens of the flower world - roses. But this is not always the case, perhaps in your arms your mother will be delighted with an armful of daisies.

Nobody knows your mother better than you. When choosing flowers, remember if she told you stories that are associated with them. Remember also what colors in clothes she prefers, what jewelry she wears. All this will give a hint. But of course, most moms will care about your attention. Any mother will surely be delighted if on her birthday you show up on the doorstep with an armful of fresh flowers and a charming smile of a person who is happy with life.

Pamper your mothers with your attention, and we will help you with this. After all, you can buy any bouquet with delivery from us. We have bouquets with inscriptions, fruits and sweets, as well as bouquets of chocolate roses. Call and order, we will be happy to help you!

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