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Flowers for a man on his birthday


White tulips "Crystal"


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Mix of tulips "Carousel"


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Men's bouquets are an innovation in Russian floristry. The custom of presenting bouquets first spread to men who hold high positions or have achieved significant creative success. Now it is popular with the general population. It has become commonplace to congratulate a man beautifully. However, this step requires tact. This is due to the knowledge of floristry and understanding of psychology.

buy a bouquet for a man's birthday in Moscow

General rules

  1. In floristry there is a common color for men's bouquets - white-green, yellow-green, dark blue, ink-violet. Of course, this rule is not the ultimate truth, but it is better to give preference to these shades;
  2. Flowers that are suitable for a man's gift - anthurium, orchid, lotus, heliconia, irises, blue roses, dahlias, gladioli, calla lilies, tulips, chrysanthemums;
  3. Packaging should be laconic, not shiny: paper, tape, fabric, jute.

As for psychology and diplomacy

For family members, the component of the bouquet is not in the first place. The most important thing is attention, a manifestation of love and care. For colleagues, business partners, friends - the opposite is true. The bouquet should correspond to two main things - the occasion and the personality of the recipient.

  • Orchids will look harmonious at an event with a large number of guests, they will emphasize the recipient's charisma and sophistication.
  • Callas are the best option for the boss. These flowers are perceived as a recognition of merit and authority.
  • Give purple, burgundy dahlias to a teacher, mentor, coach, spiritual leader.
  • Roses are usually presented at creative evenings, benefit performances, premieres, for achievements in science or art. Roses are also suitable as a gift for an anniversary with a round date.
  • Tulips, daffodils and carnations can be donated on a public holiday: February 23, May 9, Builder's Day, Railway Worker's Day, etc.
  • Gerberas can be presented to your best friend, it is desirable that the girl would give them, the bouquet should not have more than two colors of buds.
  • Chrysanthemums are the best option for corporate events, they show goodwill.
  • Irises express sympathy, gratitude, you can give, for example, a doctor.


It is not customary for men to give flowers for no reason. And the reason should be special for such a gift. For example, anniversary, promotion, creative recognition, premiere, sports victory, retirement, dissertation defense, recital.

Where can I buy?

A man's bouquet, assembled according to all the rules, today you can buy only in a good store, where professional florists work. You can order it in our online store in Moscow with delivery to your home or office.

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