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Bridal bouquet of lilies

bridal bouquet of lilies buy in Moscow

White lily symbolizes innocence. This meaning in the language of flowers came from biblical stories. It is believed to be the flower of the Virgin Mary. But in pre-Christian times, the lily was also the heroine of magical stories. So, in the ancient Germanic tribes there was a belief that an elf lives in each of them. Intricately intertwining after the spread of Christianity, biblical and pagan legends gave rise to a new belief - lilies can protect a house from evil spirits. So they became a talisman.

Some disadvantages

While this flower is perfect for a central place in wedding floristry in terms of history, it has two major drawbacks. It has a strong scent and allergenic pollen.

What color are they and what do they mean?

The most common are white. They most often end up in bridal bouquets. Along with them are very popular pink beauties. For lovers of bright bouquets, you can offer tiger and cherry-burgundy specimens. For those who love delicate shades, you can pick bluish or yellow flowers.

The general meaning of lilies is a strong union, longevity, spiritual wealth. White, as mentioned above, symbolize innocence, blue - aristocracy, cherry - love and passion, tiger - wealth, yellow warm friendships.

What are the lily compositions?

Compositions differ in shape, color, number of buds and content, that is, the presence of additional flowers and herbs. Here are some of them combined with lilies.

  • Cascading composition with the addition of orchids;
  • orange alstroemeria in addition to tiger varieties;
  • a combination of snow-white buds and fresh greenery;
  • union with bright chrysanthemums;
  • various compositions with roses.

We have a large selection of lily bouquets for the bride. So that the composition does not disappoint you with its staleness and composition, you must place an order several days in advance for the expected date of the celebration. Then you can buy the freshest and most fragrant compositions with delivery.

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