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Purple bridal bouquet

Purple bridal bouquet

buy purple bridal bouquet in Moscow

We offer a large selection of bridal bouquets in purple tones. It will look unusual at any wedding, considering that the classic colors for bridal bouquets are pink and white. Perhaps purple is the choice of brave girls who are ready to stand out from the crowd and love the attention of others, and also love to admire.

When choosing a bouquet for a wedding, you need to consider:

  • season, month, and likely weather conditions;
  • tone, style of dress;
  • makeup, bridal accessories.

Purple has many shades, namely 196. Warm ones will look better in early autumn and summer, and cold ones in winter and early spring. Violet is the most mysterious color, it is associated with darkness, with space, with the sky, in which there is no longer the sun. It is believed that dark shades of purple are suitable for brunettes, light shades for blondes.

Typically, a purple bouquet is chosen for four main reasons:

  1. this is the bride's favorite color;
  2. the wedding is played in purple (for uniformity, harmony and beauty of photo and video materials);
  3. the bride chose a dress of such a shade, to which the purple bouquet will suit;
  4. stylist advises.

What flowers are purple and what do they mean?

  • Violets are rarely used in wedding floristry, this domesticated flower is a classic window sill decoration, but on special order it can be included in a bridal bouquet, it symbolizes comfort;
  • Irises are "war" flowers, symbolizing a sword, they patronize strong people;
  • Tulips are a symbol of all-consuming love and passion, and in Russia they will also mark the arrival of spring, so they will look great in a bride's bouquet in late February, March, April.
  • Lilac - if you want to emphasize your May wedding with its seasonality, then why not, lilac means sensuality.
  • Bells - perfect for a bouquet in the styles of "rustic", "boho" or "Provence", at a classic wedding they will look rustic. They symbolize good news, they can be used as a talisman or amulet.
  • Roses mean love, and specifically lilac or purple - loyalty to ideals, spirituality.
  • Pansies are an unusual choice for a bride, these flowers, like violets, can be included in a custom-made bouquet. They will look great at a July wedding, as they represent warmth and are associated with summer.
  • Hydrangea - symbolizes aristocracy, to some extent arrogance, in a good way - dignity.
  • Crocuses (saffron) are rare flowers, florists classify them as "exotics", that is, exotic plants. They are not brought in for general consumption. But you can find it. By the way, brides look just great in a bouquet. They symbolize sophistication.
  • Hyacinth - in the Middle East, it symbolizes the arrival of spring. Very dark hyacinth flowers can be found, such as the eggplant shade.
  • buy purple bridal bouquet in Moscow
  • Lilies - symbolize sincerity, devotion.
  • Gladioli - rarely used for bridal bouquets and for women's compositions in particular, signify success, victory, triumph.
  • Orchids - symbolize a connection with the other world, mystery, curiosity.
  • Callas - mean strength, primarily spiritual;
  • Peonies are symbols of wealth, prosperity, femininity;
  • Carnations - denote friendship, affection, loyalty to ideals;
  • Ranunculus, anemones, buttercups - falling in love;

When choosing a bouquet with purple flowers, you can pay attention to:

  1. monotone purple composition;
  2. bouquet with flowers of several purple shades;
  3. contrast composition.

We have a large selection of purple bridal bouquets. There are cheap options for those who like it easier. There are expensive ones for those who value luxury. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the assortment of our bouquets. If you have any questions, you can contact the operator by the phone number indicated on the site.

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